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Bad Ideas

Persian Rug swipes U.S. Cartoon characters

Nice to know the Preston Blair book has made it to Iran. Here’s a perfect area rug for a cartoon nerd (like me) who happens to have $2800 to spare (NOT me). Now on eBay, a 5×8 “Mickey Mouse” Persian Rug. Check the detail in the thumbnails below (click to enlarge pics), you’ll spot off-model images of The Pink Panther, Mickey Mouse, Tom, something like Bugs Bunny, a Ninja Turtle, and the White Rabbit. This’ll go great in the room with my Donald Duck black velvet painting!

(Thanks, Rick Law)

  • Kartoonz kritik

    The Pink Panther looks like he drank a bit too much the night before and is caught in the in-between of expelling that memory.

  • Tim Hodge

    Looks like he went through the Preston Blair books, too.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Most of the characters appear to be from the second book.

  • George

    Tom’s “Why am I on this rug” expression is hilarious.


    I bet he could get thousands for this amazing work of art! I love it!

  • Ian Hamilton

    I am a Storyboarder for Bob’s Burgers and a total animation nerd and i just bought that rug after seeing it on the brew but i talked them down to 900 which still hurts but i can live with it.

  • As a Persian rug specialist and bit of a film/tv geek I have to say this is extremely cool. Never seen anything like it and to make things better the price is very good (now selling $900 for some reason).