RUGRATS: The Live Action Movie RUGRATS: The Live Action Movie
Bad Ideas

RUGRATS: The Live Action Movie

Oh Good Lord. This would be funnier if it weren’t so true…

(Thanks J.J. Sedelmaier)

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  • Jane Doe

    This just ruined Rugrats for me.

  • Adam VM

    I’m glad it’s fake, but I wouldn’t have been all that shocked if this were real.

  • So disturbingly awesome

  • Michel Van

    this Video creeps me out !

  • Old Man Father Time

    It’s fake!? Oh WHEW!!!!!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    God that Chuckie Finster was spot-on!

  • tedzey

    That’s essentially what made rugrats a fun show to watch. Normal things turning into larger than life-incredibly abstract situations!

    Frig it, i’d be the first in line to see this movie!

  • Alisa

    That’s Mae Whitman as Angelica, who voiced Katara in “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and played Anne in “Arrested Development. Yeah, her.

    • Crystal

      I thought it looked like her, but didn’t really sound like her, since she’s a VA and all (or maybe that’s WHY I didn’t recognize her voice).

      I once visualized a live-action Rugrats (movie?) as a kid, except they were actual babies, but same hair and clothes and all . . .

  • Oscar Grillo

    Please…Make Flip The Frog with Jim Carrey!!!!

  • Dirge

    I wonder how long it will take audiences to tire of this old ‘take a wholesome children’s cartoon and make a twisted version of it’

    You know, kind of like every episode of Robot Chicken.

    Seriously, this stuff is super boring already.

  • Anthony D.

    This was completely dark and twisted. I mean like very dark and frightening yet you can’t look away. I don’t like the Rugrats and even I hated that they turn a kid’s show into something twisted. And if you think this a creppy imagine what a live-action Ren and Stimpy would be like.

  • Al Jordan

    Hah! I’m sure it came as no big surprise to anyone who watched the show attentively what a borderline psycho that Angelica was. Yes, I believe this movie should be made, if only to show self-identified “responsible parents” what can happen when you spoil your kids to the point of irreperable malinfluence.

  • ferp

    I remember enjoying their Paris movie a lot.

  • iseewhatyoudidthere

    Why do I feel like washing my hands now?

  • Erica

    This is sick!