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Bad Ideas

SpongeBob Untooned


My eyes cannot unsee what has been seen, and now neither can yours. This rendition of Spongebob combines a real sponge, features of Tom Kenny (the voice of the character), and Madonna’s arms. The artist is Nicole Hamilton.

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  • Bonus points for Madonna’s arms.

  • creepy

  • Damn Amid, Do you hate us THAT much?

  • Hilarious!

  • On the rateding from 1 to 10 on the vomit scale ,thats rates a 15

  • doop

    Thank God those glasses on.

  • mrscriblam

    oh come on man i just ate

  • Stephen

    What a relief! I was afraid Zemeckis had got hold of him.

  • red pill junkie

    I won’t bathe in a month now!!!!!! >_<

  • Sunday

    Delicious and nutritious!

  • I’m afraid to see what the realistic Squidward looks like.

  • Dave O.


    BTW, Nightline did a light piece on Spongebob’s 10 year success last night with some great behind the scenes footage. The little guy rakes in nearly $1 billion in annual worldwide merch sales! Who knew?


  • vzk

    You think that’s creepy?

    Google-image-search: Spengebab

  • OMG… I need hand sanitizer… for my eyes!! LOL!!!!!!!

  • Rooniman


  • LOL!
    My eyes they burn!
    LOL! :)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    This is why I usually favor simple dots in my cartoon eyes. God they’re so bloodshot.

  • Lala-Marin

    I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

  • What is inside his mouth – capicola? Mine eyes are trying to unsee this, but they cannot.

  • Katella Gate

    The worst part is, I think he wants to be friends…. shiver

  • DBishop

    Dear God, why is the picture so big ?

    Definitely not showing this to any kids.

  • Really ugli! AWFUL! Ha Ha Ha!

  • Tedzey

    Reminds me of the episode, where krabs loses his millionth dollar. The cutaway scene showing spongbob’s appearance looks alot like this rendition!

  • Holy freaking crap. It’s been my dream to be featured on Cartoon Brew– Just.. not like this. K THANX GUYS LOLOLOLOL <33333

    No, seriously. Thank you.

  • Jeffrey T. McAndrew

    Please post something else. Everytime I look at this site I’m confronted with that hideous monsterous beast!