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Thai “Beauty & the Beast”

The funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks: this Thai CG knock-off of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – though it should be more aptly titled “Beauty and the Lion King“. For another laugh, check out this poster for their version of The Princess and the Frog.

(Thanks, Clint H.)

  • Rose

    It’s an instant classic.

  • some aspects of this are really nice.
    i liked the wolf designs.

  • Gbop

    Belle at 1:50 really made my morning

    • of all the sound effects they could’ve used there, they had to use the one that sounds like a punch to the face!

  • Randy Koger

    Ugh…this thing is just SCREAMING for a MST3K voiceover treatment!

  • uncle wayne

    Ohhhh, my GAWWD! That is hysterical! More like Disney’s B&B as done by the Mighty Mightor!!

  • christian

    I realy hope this comes out in theater in 3D!!!! That would make it even more AWSOME!!!!

  • It all just begs the question; What’s the point?

    • dbenson

      Exactly. It would be far more simple and profitable to simply dub a new soundtrack on the Disney movie.

      Yes, we always get cheap video knockoffs of big animated features. But those usually appear before the official release is available, cashing in on impatient / inattentive / frankly stupid buyers seeking the real thing. The Thai version could only have been made once the video was available to be studied.

      Also, most knockoffs are new works (or repackaged relics) that “just happen” to use the same public domain story and/or same non-copyrightable gimmick (talking vehicles, for example). Here they’re trying, in their fashion, to explicitly duplicate copyrighted stuff (the differences look more like limitations of skill than an attempt to disguise).

      Is there some quirk of Thai copyright law that somehow makes a computer clone safer than straight-up piracy of the actual movie?

  • Haha oh my god, I can’t not love that. Is Gaston wearing a jock strap on his head?

  • Galen

    How can you call this a knock-off? Their Belle has a COMPLETELY different colored dress!

    I thought they might at least do the ballroom backgrounds in 2D though…

  • Richard Bradford

    Wow. Scene for scene indeed. Even the characters are the same design. Is this even legal?

    • Eh eh eh, the character designs aren’t quite the same. All the secondary characters looks nothing like the originals; Miss Pots, Lumiere, Bell’s father. haha Therefore, it’s legit.

    • Mark

      technically no.

  • I think this was ascertained to be a “hoax” as the two companies credited at the front don’t seem to exist.

    • It’s no hoax, dude (though I wish it were!). You can buy the movie here:

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Funny how things just sorta happen when you least expect it!

  • Looks like it was animated by programmers.

  • The rip off poster for Princess and Frog has nicer designs than the original.
    Also, the Mama Odie character looks like Oprah Winfrey.

  • Matt

    They also did a Snow White clone, using the backgrounds from Walt’s film. It seems someone had it removed from youtube. didn’t Amid cover this already?
    I know it’s nothing new as It was reported last year:

  • Hahaha, for some reason the characters speaking Thai made it even funnier. I’m also questioning how legal this all is, they even named it the same.

  • Jason

    jaja nice lipsync… i can’t wait to buy that DVD

  • Baron Lego

    I like the intense and completely inappropriate music during the first couple of minutes.

    Is it me or does the Beast look like he has a pair of socks sticking out of his head?

  • Deaniac

    It’s like I’m really watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast scene by scene!

    • I know, RIGHT! Honestly couldn’t tell the difference!

      • This comment made my night XD

  • Some Girl

    My response to this vid is at the :52 second mark.

  • Kirk Wise

    To quote Belle: “I’m… I’m.. speechless.”

  • The lipsync is all :| :V :| :V :| :V :| :V :| ad infinitum. QUALITY!

    Their toon shader looks pretty good though.

  • 2011 Adult


  • Clint H

    I just love how they try to copy the Disney castle logo at the beginning of the trailer. That just shows you that they have no shame in ripping off Disney.

  • Katella Gate

    I’ve always wondered what a finished Disney film would look like turned into an Animatic.

  • So this is the animated equivalent of “Turkish Star Wars”?

  • Be Our Guest

    “Hot Mee Krob,
    Warm Pad Thai,
    Try Ze Broccoli Stir-Fry…”

  • A.C. the actor

    The Princess and the Frog poster knock-off made me groan because they played the But Not Too Black trope for black protagonists STRAIGHT, something that was avoided in the original. *facepalm*

    Also I do not understand what is going on with that alligator, its head looks atrocious.

  • Autumn

    The sound she made when she fell off the horse killed me. Hilarious.

  • Valentin Moretto

    20 minutes of “fun”, featuring your favorite characters, Bugs Bunny and the wolf from “Nu, Pogodi!”:

    • Paulie J. Waddle

      Hey, I like “Nu, Podogi!” But in this “film’s” case, I’ll make an exception!

  • Adam

    It looks like Dave Chappelle is at the back of the Princess and the Frog poster

  • LOL Wow, they took Glen Keane’s master piece ballroom dance scene and totaled it with a horrible train wreck of choppy, poorly timed, cheap 3d animation. Plus, Simba dancing with Bell is freakin’ hilarious.

    • Julian Carter

      Hmm… Wasn’t the ballroom scene James Baxter’s?

  • Steve Hogan

    I wonder if the characters in “Hangover 2” will encounter anything this terrifying.

  • DB

    WTF is with that horse???

  • Killskerry

    I was recently looking around Hulu for something to watch and I found something similar to this. I have no idea where these came from…some other country I’m guessing but check out “The Secret of…” ripoffs.

    The Secret of Anastasia

    The Secret of Mulan

    The Secret of the Hunchback

    The Mulan one is particularly horrifying, no wonder they are keeping these a secret.

  • Glowworm

    I saw this trailer once before–it’s hillarious. It looks like someone plopped Simba’s head on top of the Beast. It also sounds a lot like he says “Calvin Klein” when he first appears in front of Belle’s father.

    I’m not pleased with that Princess and the Frog poster. What have they done to Dr. Facilier’s wonderful design? It’s terrible!

    • That’s actually Kimba’s head, not Simba’s. They went for the double-steal.

  • Is this stuff marketed for people who live in caves and can’t read? Who wouldn’t know this is a gross rip off?

    What really gets me is that the folks Disney SHOULD be suing they don’t sue. Meanwhile they threaten bloggers who occasionally post up Disney model sheets.

    Don’t get me started on the number of bootleg copies of the Disney Classics that are being sold in mainstream video stores openly in Japan.

    (Apparently, they getting away with it because of Disney allowed its international copyright to expire for classics like Pinocchio, Snow White, Cinderella, Fantasia and a whole list of others.)

  • Steven M.

    Didn’t I see this before in the news?

    Anyway, just about the lamest, most boring, and most lazily-done thing ever.

  • Are they also responsible for that PRESTO remake from a year or so ago?

    Here’s what I wonder… is this being make for a local market? For just Thailand? Or “asia” in general? It’s not like the original B&B isn’t available to them, probably both subtitled and dubbed, and bootlegged.

    So, who is this for?

    If it’s not an exercise in proof of concept (ie. we think we can animate), then why didn’t they re-design the characters… or just Belle… to at least be an asian girl?

    You know what I mean? Re-envision the whole thing to take place in Siam, or wherever. There are more asian people than any other. Focus on your target audience. This film obviously isn’t coming to America.

    • Presto was made at a Chinese animation academy.

  • Ray Rappisi jr

    I wanted to laugh, really, but the only thing I could do was to think how completely time wasting this rip-off is for those who would watch it and for the people that made it. Even an extremely bad original movie is better then this knock-off. I gotta go wash my eyes out now….

  • chipper

    Their Naveen is blue. Is he a poison frog? Better not kiss him, Tiana clone.

  • Gray64

    How is Disney not suing over this? Even the GM Toons logo at the beginning is a knock off.

  • Brandon

    I want to know what the Gaston rip-off falling to his death looks like.

  • I saw this companies stuff some time ago and thought it was hysterical and simply amazing what direct rip offs these are: the backgrounds for most scenes appear to be directly stolen from the original movies, and judging from the trailers these are shot for shot remakes in terms of the scenes, all they really changed was some of the character designs. It astounds me how they can get away with the stuff they do.

  • They basically took out the 2-D animated characters and replaced them with crappy rendered ones… smh