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Bad Ideas

The Draw Shrek Tumblr is Where You Draw Shrek

The Draw Shrek Tumblr (NSFW) is described as “a place where we draw Shrek.” For those of you rebellious artist-types who were considering drawing other characters from the classic DreamWorks franchise, don’t even think about it! The site’s rules clearly state: “NO DONKEY FUCK FIONA ONLY SHREK. SHREK TIL U DIE.”

Shrekquille O’Neal

Shrek Fighter by Aaron Cowdery

Ballin Shrek by Edgar

Shrek Kawaii

Shrek Onion by Matt Marblo

Shrekbath by Sean Glaze

  • Sorry, only William Steig could really draw Shrek.

    • jmahon

      I don’t think accuracy was really high on the artists’ list of priorities.

  • Skent

    this is the kind of cultural enlightenment that keeps me coming back to Cartoonbrew.

    • jonhanson

      Come on, this is hilarious! And better drawn than I would have guessed.

  • Nicholas John Pozega

    The Shrek Onion pic was actually kinda cool, but everything else was just awful. The Shrek Kawaii pic in particular made my jaw drop in disbelief.

  • Jorge Garrido

    “Shrek your privilege.” -Tumblr

  • Abby

    Check yourself before you Shrek yourself.