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Bad Ideas

Tom & Jerry LIVE!

You can have your Lion King or Shrek The Musical… Me, I want my Tom and Jerry Live! Last night in Argentina was the off-off-off-off-Broadway debut of a new stage musical based on Hanna-Barbera cartoon superstars.

The show opened this weekend at Teatro Lola Membrives in Buenos Aires, then will travel to theaters in Chile and Peru during 2011. According to the show’s website:

Under the direction of Leandro Panetta, Tom, Jerry, Spike and the gang go on stage, recreating classic cartoons with songs, chases, jokes, games and stunts. Tom and Jerry travel from opera to medieval times, then run and chase from the living room into the garden. Actors, dancers, singers and acrobats on stage guide to the public in this magical world where Friendship is always the result of each and every encounter persecution.

The show is constructed around specific cartoon shorts, including The Two Mouseketeers, The Cat Above the Mouse Below and the Gene Kelly sequence from Anchors Aweigh. However, based on the initial reviews and the costumes pictured above, I’m glad Bill and Joe aren’t around to see this. What’s that between Tom’s legs? Is he defecating, or is that his “willie“… or is it his tail?

(Thanks, Jorge Finkielman)

  • Michelle

    Tom is taking a poo onstage. What an awesome show.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Those outfits are just… no.

  • Dave

    Off the top of my head, I’m trying to think of something worse.

    How about, “Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy LIVE”?

    • JimBob

      Oh, good GOD, man! Don’t give Hollywood any more bright ideas! ;P Besides, Family Guy is heinously-anus all by itself lol. It couldn’t possibly be any more “bottom-of-the-barrel” than it already is, to be honest.

    • The Gee

      The voice cast has done performances as the characters.

      While to me that seems about as entertaining as watching a bunch of to- hatted, tuxedoed magicians trying to lasso rabbits on a stage, while professional wrestlers play in a drum circle and someone dressed as PT Barnum walks up and down the aisles passing a hat to get curious, otherwise cultured people to pay, there have been live performances of the Family Guy cast reading scripts.*


    • Pietro A. Shakarian

      I can top that — “Seth McFarlane’s The Flintstones LIVE”.

      • Steve Gattuso

        “John Krisfaluci’s My Little Pony LIVE”

  • 2011 Adult

    That would be his tail, sadly shot in an unfortunate perspective.

  • In PERU……………..OMG

  • Those costumes are more detailed than they need to be. The darkened edges, the wrinkles, the fur… all that’s left is the cross-hatching and you’d have the stage adaption of Fritz the Cat.

  • Toonio

    Good thing Joseph Barbera and Bill Hanna are not alive to see this.

    • Angry Anim

      Something tells me that the only thing Bill and Joe would of worried about is whether or not they got paid to use their characters.

  • dbenson

    Just give them ice skates and they can tour the Six Flags parks.

  • Vzk

    Is that even a legit show? I have seen several unauthorized plays based on animated properties in Mexican theaters (101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Ice Age, even DBZ).

  • Haha, wow! I’d love to see that! Those off-model masks are amazing. Looks far more interesting than anything posted on here in a while and I’d bet it’d be fun in a camp sort of way too.

  • That is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

  • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

    His “Willie”? Come on, we are all manchildren here! We can say “peepee” without giggling too much!

  • Is this what Julie Taymor has been up to since leaving THE SPIDERMAN musical?

    • cst

      She’s fled to South America to continue her experiments…you know, like Mengele.

    • And to think she never saw a single Tom and Jerry cartoon! Astonishing artistry!

  • What a way to scare the kids.

  • Dave

    I was actually aware of the Family Guy live cast readings. I should have been clearer. What I was trying to suggest (or actually, NOT suggest) was a Family Guy live show with actors in scary costume…as in the above Tom & Jerry show.

    • The Gee

      Oh yeah. I thought that might be the case (hindsight and all that.)
      I’m sure most folks who frequent it are well-aware of it, too. I just took the opportunity to diss the pointlessness of the live readings, and piggybacked on your comment to do so.

      As far fetched as it is, your idea certainly still could happen though. Even as an FG episode….

      In addition to the Spiderman musical already mentioned, there is that Charlie Brown one, a Superman one and Parker and Stone have their current hit musical. So, if this Tom and Jerry thing proves anything it is that anything can and might be produced as a stage musical.

  • Justin Delbert

    They should have used the costumes being used for the Warner Bros. Park in Spain, not those. I think I’ll send that picture to Jay Leno. By the way, if there officially is a Tom and Jerry Golden Collection on the way, will they use the picture as the art cover ;) At least Phineas and Ferb Live is encouraging.

  • tonma

    woop!……sometimes in some situations… the human body turns out to be an absolutely horrible thing….

    • No kidding. Just wait till you see how this show keeps Mammy Two-Shoes’ head out of sight.

      • tonma

        Oh Lord!

  • Could have been worse. Count your blessings.

    Could have been a CG, hybrid live-action set in NYC, Mo-Cap, “talking” Tom and Jerry in 3-D.

    Let me shut up and not give any of these guys ideas….

    • Justin Delbert

      Wasn’t that supposed to be scheduled this year. I think that idea died. Instead we got Tom and Jerry Meets Sherlock Holmes (written by Earl Kress) and this year we will be getting Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz, which I have high hopes for. What does that tell ya?

      • Why do you have high hopes for “Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz”? Yes, it’s directed by Tony Cervone, but I still can’t help feeling that the only reason they would ever combine these two franchises (which, frankly, are like day and night) is to cash in on both properties. I wish WB would just give Spike and Tony the creative freedom they deserve with Tom and Jerry, rather than forcing them to work with such weak and ultra-commercial concepts.

        (For the record, “Tom and Jerry meets Sherlock Holmes” wasn’t too bad. I loved all the MGM/Avery cameos, but the film as a whole came nowhere near “Tom and jerry in a Nutcracker Tale” OR “The KarateGuard”.)

  • Craig M

    Said an audience member, “I laughed, I cried, I dodged an array of knives, anvils and branding irons.”

  • Gandalf

    Jerry is so large

  • Inkan1969

    If Julie Taymor directed this, she’d insist on recreating the cartoon violence in live action, using stuntmen and support lines….

  • cybermite


  • Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    The comment about Tom’s tail, which is what it is, isn’t at all appropriate!

  • Catherine Ray

    Oh, my God! If you ask me, that would definitely rape my childhood for life!!!