Wreck-It Ralph Nesquik Wreck-It Ralph Nesquik
Bad Ideas

Worst Movie Tie-In Ever: Nesquik’s Deadly “Wreck-It Ralph” Chocolate Powder

In Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, Nesquik nearly kills two of the film’s main characters. Well, they weren’t joking about the deadly nature of the sugary drink. Wreck-It Ralph-themed Nesquik can also kill you in real life.

Nestle USA is recalling 200,000 cans of Nesquik Chocolate Powder due to possible salmonella contamination, which can be life-threatening to infants, pregnant women, the elderly and individuals with weakened immune systems. The recall affects 10.9, 21.8 and 40.7-ounce canisters with a “best if sold by” date of October 2014.

  • Dang! thats awful!!

  • axolotl

    You can get germs from theater seats too.

    • You should be a spokesperson for Nestle.

      • axolotl

        I actually am.

  • Steve Gattuso

    A sad coincidence, really. At least they found it before anyone was harmed.

  • Julian

    ooh, that’s a tad unfortunate.

  • top cat james

    “Stir Up Some Fun(erals)!”

  • So something that looks delicious but kill in a movie looks delicious but kill in real life ?

    That is a PRETTY GOOD movie tie-in if you ask me =P

    But they could have made a better pixel art ….

    • I agree, the pixel art is a little miff.

  • Welll, they used it because it was an amusing pun

  • Mapache

    Karma. For the worst product placement I’ve seen in years.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      A shame how these things go unplanned when these deals are in the works.

  • Eric Graf

    I dunno … I liked the Old Yeller dog food, the Little Mermaid fish dinner, Princess Tiana watermelon candy.

    And, of course, THIS …..

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I have a tin of them! They’ve actually have been around longer than the movie itself technically, but I suppose their use in the film ended up making them well-known for being in it.

  • How fitting for a whole production frothing with cynicism.

  • wever

    Well this happens a lot with certain foods. But too bad it had to happen to this tie-in!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Not as bad as when the Beatles hired Charles Manson to promote their single “Helter Skelter.”

  • Van

    Good thing I never liked Nesquick. I prefer Monsantos soy milk myself.

  • Degeaffusunuman

    IDK why you gotta be so troll, I think it’s awesome! Bummer about the recall on some cans but I think the pixel art is leet!

  • I actually got that stuff solely for the pixel art. I had no clue what the tie-in was since I hadn’t seen the movie at the time, but the novelty of an 8-bit food label compelled me.

    Anyway, it didn’t make me sick or anything. But, I’ll probably play it safe and throw the rest away (it’s hard to justify chocolate milk on a diet anyhow). I’ll probably keep the container as a collectable.

  • ThePlaidMan

    Odder still is that Nesquik decided to product place in a movie where the lead character very vocally declares his hatred of chocolate.

  • Does anyone ever actually scan qr codes on packaging? I don’t think that they do.

  • patrick

    I’m a little more upset about the Subway cup the movie shoved in my face towards the beginning

  • Funkybat

    The gag would have been funnier if Nestle still called it Quik instead of Nesquik. I have never really accepted the new name. Also, wearing a giant “Q” around your neck is way cooler than a giant “N.”

  • rnigma

    I think the name change was due to the name “Quik” being registered in other countries.
    Nestle now also makes Nesquik’s former competitor, Ovaltine.