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Bad Ideas

Zemeckis to ruin “Yellow Submarine”

We interrupt our bashing of Cartoon Network to get upset about something else:

Variety is reporting that Robert Zemeckis is about to remake Yellow Submarine for Disney, in motion capture.

Read all about it here. Someone tell me this isn’t true.

(Thanks, Kent Butterworth)

UPDATE: That was quick! A Facebook group called “Don’t let Robert Zemeckis remake and ruin The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine”.

  • no thanks

  • Patty

    NO, NO, NO, NO!!!
    The minute I read this it was as if a million souls cried out at once, and were suddenly very, very disappointed.

    I just went to see the latest Harry Potter movie at the local iMax theatre and got a 3D sneak peak at Zemeckis’ latest animated foray, “A Christmas Carol”. I couldn’t get over how jarring and ineffective the main character looked. His mouth didn’t even seem to be completely in sync with Jim Carrey’s vocalizations. It would be too distracting to watch this whole movie with the main character’s facial movements looking about as sophisticated as Bobby Goldsboro’s old video puppet character, Calvin Calaveras.

    So if this is the best he can do with all funding he has behind him then it would be an absolute crime to let him get his hands on an animated classic like the “Yellow Submarine”. He’d suck all the creativity out of the combined force that was Heinz Edelmann and the Beatles. And that’s not easy to do.

  • Jay Sabicer

    I think the question Bob Zemeckis must ask himself – How on earth would you go about updating something that was a reflection of it’s time? Yellow Submarine was iconic 60’s. The music, artwork (especially the monsters) and the storyline clearly were a product of its time. If it were updated to a 2012 sensibility, which way could you go? Some steampunk utopia/dystopia? Day after Tomorrow? And if they were to reproduce the look, but in 3D – why? I’m wondering if they sent John Lasseter on a field trip someplace while this was being concocted. I cannot think of any other explanation. I’m certain John would’ve given it a quick thumbs down.

    No, this has bad idea written all over it and I am sorry to tell the Disney folks that you will throw your money down into the Sea of Holes (which in this case leads not to the Sea of Green) if you pursue this.

  • UGH! What next, a CGI-remake of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” with a CGI George Burns?!!! The Beatles are dead. DEAD. They ain’t here no more. A Mo-Cap John Lennon is just CREEPY. The Monkees are still alive though. Remake “Head”.

  • NOOOO!!!!!

    I’ll take your lousy motion capture mockery of “Beowulf”! I’ll take your upcoming “Christmas Carol”! Just PLLEAASEE, Mr. Zemeckis, don’t screw with our little psychedelic classic!

  • King Nope

    Well now that’s just silly…

  • Kristine B.

    Noooo!!! That’s a horrible horrible idea. Really. I love the Beatles. I don’t wanna see Sargent Pepper in 3D. That’s just silly!!

  • That’s nice, but I’m holding out for the motion capture remakes of To Kill a Mocking Bird and The Godfather Part II.

  • HenPen

    yet another piece of my childhood getting a remake it doesn’t need

  • RoboFingernail


    WTF is wrong with these people?

  • ihatecorporateclowns

    Man how can you be so lazy. They reward these lazy freaks with money. Even if you have some talent how can you be so lazy. Develop property that’s not as well known as the yellow submarine man. There are so many things in the world. Laziness should be punished with twenty lashes with the whip.

  • Rob

    Finally, we’ll get the overcomplicated disorienting submarine vs. Blue Meanie battle scenes that no one asked for.

  • Floyd Pendershaft

    source material for a barren imagination

  • It’s over. No one has any ideas any more.

  • Matthew Gerber

    Ah-ha-ha-ha! April Foo…no. Wait. It’s August. Shit.

  • Genius. I was just saying the other day that what the world needed was a crappy mo-cap re-make of Yellow Submarine.
    I can only hope that all of the characters will be based on Tom Hanks.
    Can you imagine how the kids will love Glove with Hanks’ face on it?
    I smell an Oscar nod…..or maybe its something else I caught a whiff of.

  • jose Manuel

    well If it looks something like this its ok for me

  • Nick

    Robert Zemekis should not be allowed to direct any more animated films. He simply doesn’t get animation, and the new Christmas Carol film isn’t renewing my faith in him either.

  • No…Just no. We don’t need a remake.

  • Keith Paynter

    I’m sure the good folks at Apple Corps. would not approve, at the very least not the surviving Beatles, and John & George’s estates.

    It’s all in the mind…

  • while I feel CG would be the perfect medium for a psychedelic film (look at the backgrounds in the intro of The Beatles Rock Band), I don’t really feel a remake of a so-so movie in the first place would really do much. Maybe they have some good ideas for it, just motion capture, especially in the stylized realm (see Monster House) is just not the right approach for it.

  • Kevin

    If they’re going to remake Yellow Submarine, then give it to the team that did the cinematic for the Beatles: Rock Band game. That would be much better than Zemeckis doing it in mo-cap.

  • Ben

    Yellow Submarine has long been one of my favorite animated films. I could stomach Tintin being made with motion capture, but I just don’t think it fits for such a stylized animation. The 3D aspects of the Beatles Rock Band non-gameplay trailer were great, but boy does this make me feel uncomfortable.

  • Robert Zemekis, director of live-action films like Back to the Future and Forrest Gump, has no business meddling in the affairs of a classic animation.

    From the article, it seems like it’s all being done for money to be made based on the London-based Olympics that release year. Sick.

  • startend

    “Hello, there! What will we be dissing today? Zemeckis? Why, I’d be glad to, my good chap. Lovely controversy we’re having.”

    Someone stop him. He’s becoming the next Katzenburg. The film is remembered by few groups of people, and half the Beatles are dead! Of course, it didn’t stop the original staff from replacing their characters with sound-alikes.

  • Any cartoon or TV show I make one day (fingers crossed) I’ll make sure to put some terrible voodoo curse in the contract for anyone who decides to make a terrible CGI rendition of the show 20 years after I’m dead (Or 20 years after I made it). Sure it won’t stop them from remaking it, but they might get terrible boils on their face, or get crushed by a helicopter, or eaten by a shark, or end up like Tonya Harding.

  • Someone needs to get a Delorean, a flux capacitor and some plutonium, go back in time to find whoever came up with this idea, and stop them.

  • fishmorgjp

    Boy, Heinz Edelmann dies, and now this.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    Oh, please, please, let it be! The best thing about all the Beatles hooplah coming next month is the two massive Beatles box sets focusing on what was so truly great about the Fab Four, the music! I like “YELLOW SUBMARINE”, along with its soundtrack, and it is a fabulous time capsule. So why not give us that movie, again, on DVD with both its original soundtrack intact *AND* the remixed soundtrack that appeared on its earlier release, along with a couple of DVD’s featuring the full Saturday morning animated cartoon series, all for the real audience for all this stuff. Stop trying to reinvent history for a buck!

  • Oscar Grillo

    One shouldn’t forget that Paul McCartney must have something to do with this…And Ringo….And Yoko……

  • Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo proves the supremacy of hand-drawn animation when it comes to surrealism and expressionism. And Yellow Submarine is a classic of the hand-drawn craft. I can’t imagine any CGI mo-cap version being anything but a debacle. Ugh! Where’s Bill Hicks and George Carlin when we need ’em?

    I’m imagining The Polar Express with lots of Beatles songs. And needlessly noisy and loud chase scenes. And explosions!!!!

  • Tim Hodge

    To be fair…
    Zemekis is (in a strange way) returning to his roots. His 3rd film, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, was about a group of teenagers in the grip of Beatle-mania during the Fab-Four’s Ed Sullivan appearance. This film and “Used Cars” are what catapulted him into the director’s chair of “Romancing the Stone”.

    Okay, film history lesson aside, I really do NOT want to see this film even though I will love the soundtrack… Unless Bob has found a way to screw that up, too.

  • ZigZag

    Meh. It’s not like anything Zemeckis could do would affect the original, which, is by no means a perfect film. ‘Yellow Submarine’ was indeed an achievement, but I don’t recall the up-in-arms revolt about Tim Burton devastating another Disney classic with his latest “Alice” film. Whatever. This remaking employs artists, even if it’s for a short time. Perhaps I’m jaded?

  • Nick, how can you say this is a guy who “doesn’t get animation”? This is the guy who directed Roger Rabbit!!!

    but, in all seriousness,this won’t work. IMMA KILL ZEMECKIS! its a slap in the face to psychodelia of any kind, and if this is true…If this is true it will mean the end of the Beatles. I am a huge fan of them, and i’m a whipper-snapper, with this and the RockBand game(which honestly looked amazing) The Beatles will be popular as they once were, and us real fans will be just like everyone else :(
    Zemeckis why did you go from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, to this :(

  • Rather than remake Submarine it would be neat put some good animation minds into making a film version of one of the other albums.

    Like Abbey Road.

    Weave a story around the songs, hire some voice impersonators. It couldn’t be worse than remaking Submarine and might turn out great.

  • I actually look forward to this re-make, if placed side-by-side with the original it can prove once and for all how superior 2d animation is to mo-cap. go ahead, zemeckis. I’m calling your bluff you horrible little thing.

  • I’ll just paraphrase Eros from PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE “You Hollywood people are STUPID! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!” In fact, I DOUBLE DOG DARE Zemeckis to remake “Plan 9”. Oh wait! They already did that and called it “Watchmen”.

  • Mandy

    Zigzag, there are kids today who don’t like the first Lion King movie because they grew up watching the crappy sequel. What if kids never find out about the original yellow submarine and all they know of is this horrible mo-cap remake? Our world will be doomed…

  • Pedro Nakama

    The End is near!
    When is Robert Zemeckis going to make REAL movies again?

    As for the Beatles have you seen this one yet?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I second Dave Mackey’s sentiments exactly. Nothing I will say will have any impact than it’s already soiled.

    > well If it looks something like this its ok for me

    God that looked good. If I didn’t know that was for a Rock Band game, I swore that would be the opening of my fan-obsessive Beatles docu-biopic! Because people’ll watch anything for 2-3 hours and expect to know more before they entered the room!

  • Is this a conspiracy to make the original look better and get people looking at the orginal again??

  • Grimmy

    The studio execs greenlighting this utterly moronic idea were likely no more than stains on their parents’ bedsheets when the VHS of “Yellow Submarine” was first released.
    “Idiocracy” appears more prophetic with each passing day.
    There should be a stamp on the forehead of anybody who pays to see it; they propagate this sort of lazy-ass re-tread recycled sheet.

  • Westley82

    Boy, I hope Disney let’s the Jonas Bros have something yo do with this too ….

  • So Lasseter would have had to approve this, yes?

  • Jason

    If this movie turns out looking like the kickass Rock Band trailer, I am so there. But it won’t. Because Hollywood just don’t work that way.

  • Gerard de Souza

    I think he should mo cap Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees!

  • Lucy

    …Boy, just hearing about this makes me want to kick something. Kick something very, very hard. I can’t wait for the angry Facebook mob to start to rise up. I’d say more, but I’ve spent the past hour referring to Zemeckis as every expletive I know.

    Next he’ll want to do the next Batman movie and add in a mo-cap Heath Ledger. It’s about the same about of respect as he’d be showing mo-cap John Lennon and George Harrison.

    This is disgusting. Totally disgusting.

  • Mr. Bucket

    Jesus Christ, will someone please put him down?

  • I wonder if the Blue Meanies will still be wearing Mickey Mouse ears in the new version.

  • Tom

    I honestly think Zemeckis has become some kind of punk. I refuse to see any of his mocrap garbage, period. You have to put your foot down to stop the big bugs.

  • Rat

    “So Lasseter would have had to approve this, yes?”


    Lasseter is chief creative of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

    This is Image Movers Digital. Zemeckis isn’t taking orders from Lasseter.

  • man, who gives a shit! i’m getting tired of all the animation bitching around here. If this remake is great, then bully for Zemekis and the animation industry. If it sucks, it will be completely forgotton about and the 1968 version will live on unchallenged. Everyone needs to chill out, this isn’t going to rape anyone’s childhoods or ruin any previous version of a pretty mediocre movie. Sheesh!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    What the Hell are they thinking?!! It was perfect the first time! Is Zemeckis going to have the Jonas Bros in place of the Fab Four?!

  • Connie Pinko

    No, no, no, no, no, NO!

  • How could this idea enter someone’s head, and come out the other end as them believing it’s a good idea?! The man has made some great films, but… damn!

    Also, I would say that there ARE plenty more new ideas out there, hollywood is just very, very… VERY afraid to use them.


    Yellow Submarine is my all-time favourite animated feature, I grew up with it, and Zemeckis already ruins it just by this announcement.

    That’s corporate filmmaking: they read “Beatles” and just think “money”, and they’re totally wrong. Yellow Submarine would be a great film even _without_ the Beatles. It is one of the few films where the design dictates the story, and where the whole film is a collaborative effort of many people. It just can’t be “remade” – or is Zemeckis willing to live in a shack for 3 years, deal with a shoestring budget, improvise most of the effects, and incorporate any idea from whoever contributes, but judging everything with the unforgiving eye of a Heinz Edelmann?

    Poor Heinz. He just can be glad that he died just some weeks ago, so he didn’t have to watch the shredding of his masterpiece.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Will it have creepy Tom Hanks corpses walking around in conductor uniforms, like Polar Express? Just what we need, a zombie “Old Fred”.

  • Autumn

    Good God no.

  • Gobo

    Yellow Submarine 2011? NO.

    That said, I’d like to see a feature-length movie that looks like the intro to Beatles Rock Band. That was solidly amazing.

  • Utterly ridiculous. Hollywood has gone off the deep end with all these preposterous remakes in recent years — and now this is just a further insult. Not just to movie fans, but fans of music in general, and the Beatles in particular.

    It takes a special strain of arrogance, I suppose, to just up and decide you’re going to do a completely unnecessary remake of something that is great and timeless in it’s original form, just because the bean-counters say you can– and let’s not fool ourselves with this whole “it’ll bring the Beatles to a whole new generation” crap, either.

    THEY’RE THE F**KING BEATLES, FOR CRISSAKES!!! The bring themselves to each and every new generation because that’s what happens when you’re the greatest band in the world! People will find you on their own!

    It’s like saying each new generation has to be taught about Elvis, food or even the Bible (and the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, you know, heh heh…).

    Lame cash-driven corporate money grab BS; and don’t be surprised if that sub gets swapped out for a DeLorean.

    It’s sad when laziness prefers cannibalism and mimickry over originality; and the original YELLOW SUBMARINE already exists as it was intended, so why mess with it?! What exactly do Zemeckis and Disney think they’ll do that’ll be so much better than what Al Brodax, Heinz Edelmann and the rest who worked on the original did?

    Skip this farce, smoke a bowl and watch the original instead.

    I’ve got a hole in me pocket…

  • I think this is a terrific idea.

  • Great…now we can all drop acid again to see YELLOW SUBMARINE…and RIP OUR EYES OUT!

    Sorry, Jerry, but to a guy who’s seen YELLOW SUBMARINE over a hundred times in theaters, this is the…Worst…News…Ever.

  • rhinotonight

    just fucking dumb.

  • This is HORRIBLE! I equate the visual coldness with that Vacuum
    Flask Monster from “Yellow Submarine”- sucking all the life out of
    everything in its path. Perhaps there are Blue Meanies still lurking
    about in Tinseltown. (RESIGNED SIGH!!)

  • Typical.

    BTW – Does anyone know who’s in line to do Harpo Marx’s voice in his next film ?

  • Nancy Beiman

    I like robcat 2075’s comment.

    This film does not need to be made. Why make it?

  • AaronSch

    I hope Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono do their best to put the kibosh to this ill-conceived idea. Why not just spend the loot to fully restore the original and reintroduce it to a new generation on the big screen? No doubt, many were blown away by the beautifully rendered promo for the “Beatles: Rock Band” video game. Why not unleash those imaginative animators to do a full length version to accompany the Beatles’ “Love” soundtrack rather than remaking “Yellow Submarine?”

  • Patrick


  • Why not just do the Broadway Musical instead?

  • I get the feeling that it’s time a site was made for animation viewers that harvests this kind of information: Bad Idealand.

  • Someone tell me this isn’t true.
    It isn’t true. I mean, yeah it’s probably factual, but not True.

  • Doug

    The end is surely nigh … this made me hiccup puke into my mouth.

  • Like Pauline Kael warned back in 1980, this is what happens when conglomerates take over the movie business. In time, every conceivable cartoon, tv show, and commercial will be turned into a Hollywood amusement park ride. And the Stupids will be herded into the corrals on cue. Rinse, repeat.

  • Wasn’t across the universe a big enough disgrace to the Beatles? I wonder if someone should inform the last two remaining Beatles.

  • Elvis Pudovkin

    As long as he first makes full length Mo Cap versions of “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Help!” and “Magical Mystery Tour”, to test the market, this might be a good business move. Get it?

  • Katella Gate

    Given his recent track record, I would not trust Mr. Z to re-do the Cattanooga Cats, let alone the Beatles.

  • Soundtrack by the Bee Gees, I assume?

  • Holy mother of god…. First they announce that they are going to remake Don Bluth’s nimh. And now THIS?!?!? Zemeckis and Disney must be on crack because this is a rather poor choice. And it also proves that Hollywood has lost their ideas.

  • Anna

    I/… what… O_o’ this calls for gettin drunk into oblivion where this horror can’t exist!

  • You know, choice of movie aside, this would be so much different if ANY of Zemeckis’s CGI movies were any good. I mean, did I fall asleep for a decade during which time his stilted, soulless “animated” monstrosities somehow became critically acclaimed?

    I don’t even remember “Beowulf” doing that well at the box office, for that matter. Or is Zemeckis still cashing in his credit from “Forrest Gump” and “Back to the Future” to get these dreary pet projects greenlit?

  • Yellow Submarine is one of my favorite films, which is saying a lot because the story is pretty lame. But the design makes up for it 1,000%. THE DESIGN. So they’re going to remake it without the one thing that makes it brilliant: the design.

    Fortunately the original will still exist. I just wish it were more accessible. It’s very rare to see the Yellow Submarine these days, not because of real scarcity but because of distribution monopolies. My Parsons students have never seen it. In my generation everyone saw it, because it was a box office flop and therefore cheap to broadcast on TV. We all loved it, because we could see it, because its corporate owners didn’t think it was valuable. Then it became valuable because we loved it, so its corporate owners locked it up, so they could sell it to Zemeckis and Disney.

    This remake is brought to you by information monopolies. Enjoy.

  • “No. Lasseter is chief creative of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is Image Movers Digital. Zemeckis isn’t taking orders from Lasseter.”

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  • Dear Hollywood,

    Please take a nice, long, distant vacation. Preferably where none of us can see you for a while. Really, we’ll be fine for a while just on our own. Travel a bit, read a few good books, take up a small hobby just for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself again.


  • The creative young film makers of decades past have all become rich, fat, and happy.

    I hope they’re having fun. They’re just not creative anymore.

  • Ben

    I hate Hollywood.

    Isn’t there another terrible 80’s TV drama they could make into a movie instead?

  • Robert Schaad

    I’m imagining the Nowhere Man/Boob in mo-cap. If Yellow Submarine (one of my faves-mostly for the design and music) is redone scene by scene…the Lucy In the Sky segment is not going to work. Sorry…next idea, please.


  • JMatte

    Motion capture of a giant glove with a face…hmmm…no, creepy.
    (what do you do: put those motion capture sensor on someone’s fist and voila?)

    Is he intending to continue his trip into the uncanny valley of 3D with his almost realistic characters? If that’s the plan, then Yellow Submarine will lose what originally made it work: the designs!
    I remember seeing it on television when I was young, found it hard to follow but a joy to watch (hey, I was young!)

    If Zemeckis is starting to look way back into animation to ripoff-remake old 2D concepts in 3D, I foresee him or someone else remaking “The Point” in a not too distant future.

    ZigZag- Burton is not remaking Disney, he’s adapting from the classic book. Big difference.

  • While I shudder at the very idea, Zemekis has every right to make this, just as Burton had every right to create the Apes and Wonka remakes, as terrible and unnecessary as they were.

    The real concern is something Nina mentions above: the original isn’t very accessible. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve found myself in numerous situations where I mention ‘Willy Wonka’ and people immediately think I’m talking about the Burton version. Generations have passed since Wilder portrayed the candyman and the result is most people don’t know it exists.

    With Yellow Submarine even less accessible, the really problem is the generations of Jonas fans that will now associate one of the Beatles later albums with a 3-D horror-inducing motion-crapture extravaganza.

  • PB

    Does anyone have a contact address to prevent this?

  • Ed Thompson

    Remakes are not a new phenomena with Hollywood, but lately most everything seems to be either a prequel/sequel/reboot or a tv show from the 60’s-80’s being turned into a movie. Usually with mediocre results. For every The Fugitive and Star Trek there are dozens of Bewitched, Get Smart, Dukes of Hazard, Wild Wild West etc and when they try to do old cartoons as live action you end up with Underdog and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. The thing is, even though most of these things are terrible, they DO make money. People go see them just because they liked the original show or at least it is a character that they have heard of. And it doesn’t stop people from going to the NEXT remake even though the track record is terrible for these movies. Until they don’t make money don’t expect Hollywood to do any better than the least they can do to get you into a theater.

  • tgentry

    Well I hate the original so I really don’t care one way or another. I’m not going to watch either one ever again.

  • Gummo

    The only — and I mean ONLY — good that could come out of this is if they rerelease the original to DVD to tie-in with the release of this abomination.

  • David Cuny

    I’m as nostalgic as the next person about this film – I used to have a Yellow Submarine lunchbox – and the trippy graphics blew me away at the time.

    And I’m certainly no fan of remakes. The Tim Burton version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was a disappointment.

    But I’ve got Yellow Submarine of VHS, and when I watched it with my kids, none of they really got into it. The story is weak, and while I still love the graphics, they are dated in the same way bell bottom jeans are. And the animation lacks… animation.

    As for the remaining Beatles rallying against this film, they were barely involved with the first. They didn’t even do the voice overs – the only place they appear is in the live action clip at the end.

    I’ve got the McFarlane models from the movie, and they’re great. I’d love to see something like this animated.

    The choice to do a remake seems lazy on my part, but perhaps he’s really got a vision for the film. Peter Jackson remade “King Kong” as a labor of love. Like all the other remakes that “King Kong” inspired, it doesn’t change my feelings about the original.

    The same with “Yellow Submarine” – there seems to be no reason to remake it, but if Zemeckis feels strongly about it, more power to him. As with all remakes, it’ll be judged on its own merits. The original will still be there, and the music itself is still as great with or without the film.

  • I see no logic in this. At all.

    I haven’t seen Yellow Submarine since I was a kid, but I remember it vividly, and it does NOT need a remake, least of all one in 3D computer animation.

    What’s next, a 3D mo-cap remake of Pink Floyd’s The Wall?

  • I should also say that this doesn’t demonstrate a lack of ideas from Hollywood. Movies that are rehashed properties make money and become hits. Movies that are original and daring become flops. This is just the nature of the beast. If people are going to be mindless cattle that only responds to familiar names — ooh, i remember that toy! — they’re going to get more movies like these.

    Personally, I’m waiting for Mikey the Life Cereal Kid to be turned into a CGI action star. Oh, and Rubik’s Cube. Michael Bay should totally do a movie where killer Rubik’s Cubes make things go boom. Instant money.

  • FP

    SUBMARINE ain’t that great, really. It had a few isolated killer moments, such as the BLUE MEANIE stuff, but when I finally saw it, the movie was a big disappointment. And I’m way sick of the BEATLES, anyway. So, bring on the weird-ass CG remake. It might be interesting fun.

  • John Lotshaw

    “Nick, how can you say this is a guy who “doesn’t get animation”? This is the guy who directed Roger Rabbit!!!”

    As my granddad used to say, “Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then.”

  • Wow. I don’t understand, I guess. My feeling is… who cares? Unless it gets some sort of colossal rave reviews that make it “must-see”, I won’t go see it. I don’t care if anybody else goes, either. It’s not like Zemeckis would be doing something worthwhile with his time if he weren’t doing this, or that there’s somebody else out there that would do this and make it worthwhile. I just don’t get the fuss over it; it doesn’t seem particularly worse to me than doing a CGI A Christmas Carol.

  • Cyber Fox

    Hollywood likes to fuck around with original films, examples are remakes of War of the Worlds and The Day The Earth Stood Still.

    I enjoyed Yellow Submarine and the film Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band respectfully but, Zemekis did The Polar Express – a modern day christmas classic!

    Saying that, I understand this is a terrible idea but keep in mind if Zemekis stays true to the original source material and add his own style to it, We my enjoy it

    Then again… Hollywood flushed creativity down the toilet many years ago for films that spread the agenda of liberals to the masses [liberals = far left democrats] (examples: Across The Universe, An Inconvienent Truth), remake Japanese Horror Films and take a dump on classic cinema with bastardized remakes

  • Bryan

    Ya know, if Pixar was in charge of this, I wouldn’t be as concerned, but I’d still be ambivalent.

    Now, if they skipped a remake of the movie, and just did a video game based on the original film, but with 3D graphics ala Beatles Rock Band, that could be cool.

  • I’ve never seen the original Yellow Submarine, but if Zemeckis wants to do a remake, I say bully for him.

    I’m a fan of Zemeckis and he’s made some great films. Admittedly he’s gotten too artsy-fartsy as of late, but all the sam, still a good filmmaker.

  • FP

    –films that spread the agenda of liberals to the masses [liberals = far left democrats] (example: …An Inconvenient Truth)–

    AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH isn’t designed to spread a “liberal message”. It’s designed to help create a new class of derivative financial instruments based on “carbon credits” that will predominantly enrich a certain few well-positioned elites, most notably Al Gore and one of his business partners, Jeffrey Skoll, a producer of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Al has added over $80 million to his net worth with such shenanigans.

    Back to the topic…

  • darin m

    Will the Beatles still appear at the end?

  • Graham

    Why dosen’t he just make Roger Rabbit 2?

  • Chris Smigliano

    Actually, the YELLOW SUBMARINE characters have ALREADY been done in CGI for a thrill ride that opened in Berlin and Tokyo some time ago, there was a pre-ride intro as well as four diffrent ride variations, with the same beginning and ending but with a different middle (sea of holes, sea of time, sea of science. You can find these at or on YOUTUBE- just search under “Yellow Submarine Ride” — I admit, it kind-of lacks something.

  • sporridge

    As far as access to the original “Yellow Submarine,” it had been readily available on VHS and DVD, but those appear to have quietly gone out of print. In Beatle-related matters, Apple Corps usually calls the shots on availability/inaccessibility (many Beatle fans are still waiting for an official video rerelease of “Let It Be,” now out of print almost three decades).

    Motion capture’s still not fish nor fowl to these eyes. I found “The Polar Express” so off-putting I’m glad I saw it in February when Christmas cheer wasn’t a priority (and the crowds thinned out at the IMAX).

  • The Horror of the 2012 Mayan prophecy… finally revealed.

  • Mesterius


    I don’t think the staff of the original 1968 cartoon had much choice when they replaced their Beatles voices with those of actors. The Beatles were never very interested in doing an animated feature at all – they were tired of the movie business after “A hard day’s night” and “HELP”, but had one movie left in their contract. So it was decided to do an animated version. At that time, the 60s TV cartoon featuring the Beatles had already aired, and Ringo, Paul, John and George feared that the feature film was gonna be just as bad as the TV series /which they didn’t like). So of course they didn’t play the voices for the movie. They contributed some new songs but that was about it. It was only near the end of production they realized how fantasic the movie was getting, and decided to perform in a cameo at the end. Ovet the years, they grew to like the movie more and more. As far as I know, the remaining members are still fans of “Yellow Submarine”.

    Which really makes me wonder how they feel about all this mo-cap nonsense…

  • I know there’s already 100+ comments, but Zemeckis talked about making a partially mo-cap Roger Rabbit a few months ago. So, hey, there’s one more thing to be angry about.

    From the article: ‘Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis told MTV that all the new “digital tools and performance capture” has him “starting to think about” doing another Roger Rabbit.’

    File that under “Bad Ideas” as well.

  • GW

    Yellow Submarine isn’t the only target. Paprika’s about to be ruined in a live action version by Wolfgang Petersen. For those who were asking what’s next, there’s your answer.

  • Patty

    A different version of that animated trailer for the upcoming Beatles Rockband that looks so great was used by Paul McCartney halfway through the ending number of his show as he sings Sgt. Pepper/Golden Slumbers. Looked great on a 60 ft. high HD screen.

  • Oluseyi

    re Zach Cole:
    I don’t understand Zemeckis’ fascination with digital performance capture. You train a ton of infrared cameras on an actor’s body (and then face, separately) so that you can capture their movements digitally and then apply them to a digital model… of the actor. And then play it back, so you get the actor, but with the little errors that come with finite precision digital technology.

    Beowulf was woeful, to me.

    I fear the man is far too engrossed in the technology for its own sake.

  • Alberto

    Well I’m going to write an angry letter, since it’s still in pitch mode we can still tell them how upset we are and persuade them not to put it to production. We can’t stand around like a bunch of victims! This is an address where all of his “fan mail” goes to, if anyone can get a better address please share!

    Robert Zemeckis
    Rogers & Cowan
    Pacific Design Center
    8687 Melrose Avenue
    7th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90069

  • The best thing to do is re-release the orginal. It’s been done. Any remake of an established icon is simply a disaster and a waste of money and re-releasing the original would be far less espensive.
    Once again, the core to the world economic/business failure is displayed by this sort of lack of vision for the big picture, but most of all poor, irresponsible business sense. What made YELLOW SUBMAINE great was that it was original. And it is originalty and real creative thinking that is needed most today, not an imitation of what already stands as a classic on its own.

  • un-beatle-lievable

  • What a colossally awful idea.
    Zemeckis has gone from an incredibly creative film maker…to incredibly lazy. His ‘Christmas Carol’ already looks tired, and it’s not even out. The fact that Zemeckis was once original and innovative only makes his recent decisions seem worse.

    I do not discount mo-cap, or it’s potential. Seeing James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ trailer today, I can see that there are those who would put it to good use, if it serves the story.

  • A remake of Yellow Submarine? A mocap Roger Rabbit? A remake of PAPRIKA?!

    What is going ON here?

    It’s like the premise of Paprika is BECOMING real, except instead of reality being overtaken by all of our wildest dreams and nightmares, our dreams and nightmares are all being overtaken and ruined by a mundane, disappointing reality.

    I just wanna go sit somewhere and mope.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I feel the same way Adam does. And Ray Pointer speaks the truth of where we are today where the originality and creative thinking are terribly few and far between in today’s films. Nobody gets it anymore. When you try to be creative such as with Yellow Submarine, people call you out on the typical “drug” comments I hate seeing for the umpteenth time. Art has pretty much died with those people.

  • s.w.a.c.

    Why doesn’t he do a mo-cap remake of 1941? Maybe they can make it funny this time around.

    Besides, who could top this Yellow Submarine remake?

  • Royce Day

    Woke up, got out of bed.
    Had this crap dumped on my head.
    Found way downstairs and had a cup
    And looking up, I noticed I was late.
    Found my coat and grabbed my hat.
    Made the preview in seconds flat.
    Found my seat and had a coke.
    Then the film spoke and I began to scream.


  • How about a remake of “Forrest Gump?” We could Mo-Cap Tom Hanks.

  • T

    One word: tie-ins. Wait. Is that two words?

  • I’m going to echo what Floyd Norman said about fifty comments ago.

    > The creative young film makers of decades past have all become rich, fat, and happy. I hope they’re having fun. They’re just not creative anymore.

    It will be on their consciences forever, Floyd. The guilt will be etched into their faces, as would acid.

  • Jim

    For those who are against the idea of this remake I hope you can sign this petition I just came across of

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Let’s see; Zemeckis and Disney will have the Jonas Brothers in place of the Beatles and Miley Cyrus as Young Fred,here called Young Freda. I hope not.

  • ZAR

    The Blue Meanies are finally going to win – by ruining every classic movie via a tasteless remake. Scary indeed!


  • Well this certainly comes as no surprise to me. I mean, growing up as a Disney kid to stories like Brier Rabbit and Lady and the Tramp I have seen Disney go downhill over the years since Walt passed on. It’s like they’ve become more invested in making money than in the actual art and craft of their earlier endeavors. Sad, but then that seems to be the case with almost everything you see nowadays.

    The Disney I remember was from a different time, an alien time, compared to now. Back then you could watch TV for hours and never hear anyone use the word ‘damn’ or see some scantily clad babe hawking personal hygiene products. You could wander the streets or the woods all by yourself and never fear some perverted stranger grabbing you and taking you away to God knows what kind of terror. It was a time when the world looked bright and cheerful and you were happy to be alive and living in it.

    Nowadays I wonder what has happened to the world. It seems like we have went backward instead of forward. Society is like a cesspit full of weird and slimy creatures and to have any kind of decent thought about it one has to recall days gone by as if supplanting the past for the present is the only way to make it clean.

  • Karma

    Ah… leave it to more of the typical stuck-up “animation enthusiasts” (read: elitist snobs) to go on yet another misguidedly pathetic BURN IT WITH FIRE campaign against all manner of unreleased things they haven’t even seen, yet.

    Don’t you people ever get tired of being whiny, stuck-up, ignorant snobs?

    I mean, you people DO realize that no “remake” will ever take the place of the original, right?

    Oh, nevermind. You’re still all living in your snobbish, little close-minded, hateful, self-loathing paranoid worlds where everyone is out to rape your childhood memories and replace them all. (despite the fact that they can never “replace” anything you find worth remembering or keeping, yourself)

    I mean, geez. You people are old enough to remember these things along with the rest of us. Aren’t any of you old enough to grow up mentally, as well?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Thanks for the reality check Karma. :-/

  • Uhh, ruin Yellow Submarine? Y’can’t, it’s out…been out fer years. Available on the Blue Rays and the DVDs. If the man wants to take a stab at bettering a verified classic, I say give him the rope to hang hisself. Who knows, mebbe what he comes up will be an interesting take…mebbe it’ll just be another interesting train wreck. Either way, his choice.

  • And here’s the twitter petition:

    In the meantime we the undersigned petition – ‘Don’t let Robert Zemeckis remake and ruin The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine’

  • Charles

    NO need to remake the film. Just hand out sugar cubes with a bit of the lyseric included and put on the old vinyl. The audience will make their own hallucinogenic “film” in their own minds in the dark room.

  • Norman Drew

    As one of the original animators on Yellow Submarine who worked at the studio in London in 1968, here are some of my thoughts about a YS remake.

    At the time, we were aware it was a revolutionary graphic work. Some of us could see it would ‘break the animation mould’, though most of us didn’t foresee it would become a cult classic almost half a century later. John Lasseter is quoted as saying, ‘Yellow Submarine is my favorite animated feature’.

    The production itself was more a creative ‘happening’ than an organized film production. We artists had great freedom and visceral involvement, far more than any highly organized production today.

    Judging from Neal Gabler’s and Mike Barrier’s Disney biographies, the creative frenzy on the production of ‘Snow White’ sounds similar to the studio atmosphere on the production of Yellow Sub. Everyone was personally involved.

    Has Hollywood lost its imagination or is it merely profitable business to remake previous hits and classics? It may be ‘safer’ to do remakes rather than risk investment on wild, radical, artistic new ideas.

    It used to be said that ‘Sequels never work’. It would be interesting to see what a motion capture version of YS would look like. Whether ‘successful’ or not, it wouldn’t ‘ruin’ the original classic. If it’s bad, the original will shine even brighter; if it’s great, (apparently it will use different songs), it will sit as an alternate version ‘bookend’ to the original. Our original classic is even more popular after 42 years, so it’s likely safe to assume it has stood the test of time, achieved classic status and will continue.

    BTW… did anyone notice the list of CGI credits on the ‘restoration’ DVD of YS was several yards longer than the credits on the original? The original credited only about 40 people, omitting over 140 key crew.

    If they do remake YS in motion capture/CGI it’s hoped they’ll list the ENTIRE crew of the original creation as an homage for having inspired the ‘remake’.

    It would be so nice for the missing sub crew to be remembered for creating a lasting classic.

    BTW… if you want the inside scoop on the making of the YS original, pick up a copy of ‘Inside Yellow Submarine’ by Dr. Bob Hieronimus and ‘Up Periscope Yellow’ by YS producer Al Brodax.

    I’m currently writing my own crew member’s version.

  • andrew

    I think it’s a great idea. i think the blogger that said that the beatles are dead should be quiet. their not dead only john lennon and harrison are dead. paul and ring are still alive. so who ever said that the beatles are dead . just be quiet.

  • Sandykopi

    Why not making an entire new Beatle adventure, call it “Return to Pepperland” or “the adventures of Bungalow Bill”, and use Beatles music in fun and original way. But leave “Yellow Submarine” alone.