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AM² Announces Celebrated Animator, Designer, and Director Hiroshi Nagahama as an Official Guest of Honor

Animator, Director and Designer Involved with Hatsune Miku, Doraemon, Fruits Basket, Mushishi, Pokemon, Revolutionary Girl Utena and X-men Comes This Summer’s Most Anticipated Animation, Music and Manga Convention in Southern California

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (May 18, 2012) — This year’s highly anticipated summer event, AM2, June 15-17, 2012 that will be held in sunny Southern California (Anaheim, California) proudly announces the attendance of Japanese animator, designer and director (recipient of the 11th Animation Kobe/Individual award in 2006) Hiroshi Nagahama as an official 2012 Guest of Honor.  Nagahama-san has been involved with some of the most popular animes of our time including Fruits Basket, Mushishi, Revolutionary Girl Utena, X-Men and Detroit Metal City. More info and convention registration can be found at

Hiroshi Nagahama started his career at MADHOUSE as a mechanical designer for (The) Cockpit and was also a part of the production staff for Azuki-Chan.  After leaving MADHOUSE, he became a freelancer and worked on the conceptual design for the Revolutionary Girl Utena series and the storyboard writer and animation director for Sexy Command-Gaiden Sugoiyo! Masaru-San and Ojamaru.  Nagahama-san was also involved with Doraemon, Pokemon, Fruits basket, Kimi Ni Todoke, X-Men and was also the director for the highly acclaimed Mushishi (TV Series), Detroit Metal City and Hatsune Miku music videos “Downloader” and Chime”.

“We are so honored to have Nagahama-san join us at AM2,” states Convention Representative Chase Wang, “His talent is amazing, and our attendees will have an amazing time getting to know the man who has been involved with some of the most popular recent animes.  Get your Passports today and join the fun!”

3 Day Passport Holders that also stay within the official hotel room block will be treated to a “private” panel/meet-and-greet with Guests of Honor during the convention–the official hotel is the Anaheim Hilton Hotel.

Please note that ALL Guest of Honor activities (i.e. panels, autographs, appearances, etc.) are ALL Passport preferred activities.  There will also be a private Meet & Greet event for each Guest of Honor EXCLUSIVELY for Attendees that are 3 Day Passport Holders and Anaheim Hilton Room Block Attendees (room key proof is required).

Please note that ALL film premiere events (i.e. Ace Attorney, Kaibutshu-Kun, Kaiji 2, etc.) will consist of an initial First screening (Passport ONLY & Hotel Priority)
and a 2nd Screening (Passport Preferred & General Audience).  All screenings are based upon seat availability.

Hiroshi Nagahama joins current AM2 Official Guests of Honor including Tara Strong. Putumayo, Andrea Libman, Quinton Flynn, Sixh. and Toshihiro Kawamoto.

Current Main Events include Masquerade and Sixh.’s Fashion Rock Opera Concert.

Attendees can avoid the anticipated huge lines at autographs, premiere screenings, workshops, main events, concerts and panels by purchasing a Passport fast pass for the event.  The Passport fast pass will also provide holders with premier seating options at Main Events and at Concert events as well as major discounts with theme parks (including Disneyland and the grand opening of Cars Land, Knott’s Berry Farm, etc.), retailers and local restaurants.  Bypass the lines and get your Passport today and experience the difference!

AM2 current activities include Exhibit Hall, AMV’s, Arcade, Summer Festival, Behind the Voice Actors Studio, Masquerade, Dances, Fashion Shows, Table Top, Console Gaming, Workshops, Panels, Concerts and more!

Summer Festival performers Yukie Dong, Brathzo, Icarus Kid, Kazha, Lucid, Momotoma, and Ant1Nett

AM2 Premieres, screenings and exclusive screenings include Ace Attorney, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Star Of Milos, Kaibutsu-Kun The Movie, Kaiji 2 and more!

Current Major Sponsors Include: Anime News Network and Snakebyte USA.

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