dust and glitter dust and glitter

“Dust and Glitter” Leads AniMazSpot Awards

AniMazSpot 2012 closed out its festival week on Sunday, September 16, the Dust has now cleared, so to speak, and lo & behold the Best of Festival winner was Dust and Glitter, here’s a complete list of the winners of AniMazSpot 2012:

Best of Festival: Dust and Glitter by Michaela Copikova, from Pietany, Slovakia

2nd Best of Festival: Legacy by Adam Floeck, from Metuchen, New Jersey

3rd Best of Festival: Party in the CIA by Roque Ballesteros, from San Francisco, California

Best Story: Being Bradford Dillman by Emma Burch, from London, United Kingdom

Best Humor: Nest by Michael J. Ruocco, from East Rockaway, New York

Best Character Design: Fisher by Yoram Benz, from Milton, Georgia

Best Overall Design: Threadbare by Brett Underhill, from Brooklyn, New York

Best of Foreign Short: Jack and the Beanstalk by Fish Wang, from Chung-Ho City, Taiepi, Taiwan

Best First Short: Chased by Emily Quinn, from Burbank, California

Best Student Short: Libidinis by Rosa Peris Medina & Mercedes Peris, from Valencia, Spain School: Universidad Plotécnica de Valencia

Best Short for Children: Backstage by Pierce Davison, from Mount Lawley, Western Australia

Non-Narrative (experimental): Ballpit by Kyle Mowat, from London, ON, Canada

Besides the Awards Ceremony where clips from all 54 nominees were shown, other highlights of the week long festival, depending on who you talked to, included any one of the ten Studio and School Tours, the gorgeous 35mm prints of 20 UPA shorts at the Alex Theatre, the new Educational Animation Forum at Woodbury University, the look back at Three Years of AniMazSpot Shorts, or the engaging panel conversation between Tom Sito, Bob Kurtz, and Fred Crippen, on the influences of UPA Pictures.  So, after a few weeks rest, planning will begin on the next AniMazSpot Festival Week.