Miley Cyrus Joins Sony’s “Hotel Transylvania”

Per the EW exclusive story at, Sony Pictures Animation is proud to announce that Miley Cyrus will be voicing Dracula’s teenage daughter Mavis in Hotel Transylvania.

David Koechner also joined the project as Quasimodo, and David Spade will voice Griffin the invisible man. The rest of the voice cast features Adam Sandler as Dracula, Kevin James as Frank aka Frankenstein, Fran Drescher as his bride Eunice, Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon as married werewolves Wayne and Wanda, Cee Lo Green as Murray the mummy, and Andy Samberg as Jonathan, a regular guy .

  • joe

    Huh, interesting. I hope Cyrus actually puts on some acting chops in this movie unlike in Bolt…

    And is that a Craig Kellman design? It looks pretty good! I like her tiny cartoon feet.

  • Adam Sandler and Miley Cyrus in a Genndy Tartakovsky picture?

  • That design looks great. Already I think I’m gonna fall in love with her character and the movie. I just hope Gennedy Tartakovsky manages to make his first masterpiece on the bigscreen. He already has a knack for making one great animated series after another.

    *crosses fingers*

  • Phillip

    I really like the design. I certainly hope the casting of this is not just another cash-in choice by execs. Im sure genndy is smart enough to stay away from ‘marketable’ material.

  • (in exited girl voice) It’s Miley!

    The inclusion of Adam Sandler is a real warning sign but I still have faith in this movie. It has a nice look to it and has a slightly-unique take on the story of old-time monsters. The staff on the show sounds good too – I think we’ve all talked about Gennedy Tartakovsky enough as it is, and Steve Buscemi and Andy Samberg are two of the few big-name actors who I think can actually pull of animation perfectly.