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Nelvana’s “Scaredy Squirrel” Debuts On Cartoon Network August 9th

(Toronto, Canada) — Nelvana Enterprises’ new animated comedy series, Scaredy Squirrel, will debut in the U.S. on Cartoon Network on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 7 p.m. ET/PT, airing weekly in the same time slot.

Scaredy Squirrel is based on the popular book series by Canadian author Mélanie Watt, published by Kids Can Press, featuring an endearingly obsessive-compulsive hero. Scaredy lives in Balsa City and has the perfect job for a creative squirrel with a touch of OCD: stacking cans into elaborate displays at the Stash n’ Hoard grocery store. In his spare time, he is a huge paddleball fan and dreams of becoming the best paddler ever. At first glance, Scaredy may seem geeky and quirky, but he’s actually one cool confident squirrel. Comfortable in his fur, he makes no apologies for his idiosyncrasies and quirks, and that makes him totally awesome!

“Nelvana is excited about the buzz around our great new comedies like Scaredy Squirrel, and are especially pleased about our broadcast placement and partnership with Cartoon Network in the U.S.,” said Jerry Diaz, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Nelvana Enterprises.

  • James Fox

    A Good Canadian Cartoon Comes Stateside!

  • Maya A.

    I have seen this show. Nelvana took a good, playful book series and turned it into a generic, soulless, unfunny, terribly animated cartoon. It’s almost as bad as Almost Naked Animals. ALMOST.

  • Clint H

    This show isn’t the worst, but it’s just another Canadian cartoon with the same retro style used over and over again. At least ALMOST NAKED ANIMALS has a different style to it.

    • James Fox

      Yes, The Canadian Toon we get here bad
      but can we PLEASE be optimistic about Scaredy Squirrel?

  • Several things I have to say

    1. It’s a bastardization of the original books

    2. It has a “My Gym Partners a Monkey” Vibe in my view

    3. Cartoon Network should get the rights to Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott’s Spliced

    • James Fox

      1. I’m pretty sure basing it off the original would doom the show to be on PBS, that and the fact the original Scaredy is a worrywart that’s afraid of anything (if the YouTube trailers for the books have any indication) would make the show tedious

      2. I’m sure it will be a LOT better than “My Gym Partner’s A Monkey”

      3. “Spliced” maybe good in your opinion but sadly, It was doomed when it aired ONLY on the hardly-carried Qubo channel, that and The concept would be hard to comprehend

      • 1. If they made the show more faithful to the original books, the show would have a much younger demographic

        2. Not in my view, I actually liked My Gym Partner’s a Monkey, but then again I have bad taste in animation (I prefer Almost Naked Animals to Regular Show)

        3. You’re right about Spliced getting screwed in the states, but Spliced is pretty much “The Island of Doctor Moreau” crossed with “Spongebob” what’s so hard about that to comprehend?

      • James Fox

        Unlike the Wuzzles, This would be more puzzling to the viewer as what the characters are

  • This show will try to be a poor-man’s Spongebob (like most animated shows today) and due to the fact that Scaredy looks smarter/saner than the yellow corporate whore, this show could be compared to early Spongebob.

    • James Fox

      It that a good thing?

      • It depends if you liked Early Spongebob over Modern day Spongebob