“Penguins of Madagascar” Half-Hour Special, “Hoboken Surprise” Premieres this Saturday!


This Saturday, August 20, at 11:00am ET/PT, Nickelodeon will premiere an all-new Penguins of Madagascar half-hour special, “Hoboken Surprise.”

In “Hoboken Surprise,” the penguins’ worst nightmare has come true. After a sailing trip gone wrong, they wind up in the Hoboken Zoo. Strangely, the animals are happy, the zoo is a paradise and life couldn’t be better! Zookeeper Frances takes outstanding care of all of them — or does she? Something sinister bubbles under the surface — the happy animals are actually androids, and the real animals are held captive in a dungeon. They’re too “messy” and Zookeeper Frances can’t stand a mess! A rescue comes from a very unlikely source, and the final battle could go either way.

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  • Stephen DeStefano

    Yeah. But Hoboken doesn’t have a zoo.