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PIXAR Premieres Logo for “Toy Story Toons”

Editor’s Note: Christian over at the excellent German PIXAR Blog caught a screen capture of this logo at the end of the Cars 2 International trailer. With the success of the Cars line of animated shorts and the impending release of the Toy Story short film Hawaiian Vacation in tandem with Cars 2, this logo makes it official that PIXAR will be doing a series of shorts for Woody, Buzz and the gang. A second short is rumored to be shown with The Muppets in November.

  • Y’know, I would’ve called it “Short Toy Stories” or “Toy Short Stories”. But that’s just me talking.

  • Ughhh, Im so not happy about this. Toy Story 3 has officially become one of my favorite films and the ending was so perfect. Dont overload us with more! Im not saying the shorts wont be good, I just want it to end where it ended.

  • Anthony D.

    I was thinking the title should be “Toy Stories”. That’s a better title.

  • TS3 should have ended as all the toys were tumbling into the incinerator. I thought they were gonna do it! I was laughing like crazy! “PIXAR has bawlz, dood!” I said to myself. Then it didn’t happen.

  • Why not “Toon Stories”?