Spain’s Coco School Alicante Launches Double Major in 2D-3D Animation

On October 31, Coco School Alicante will start the double major in 2D-3D Animation in Spain.

The school offers a professional training in animation by giving the students the possibility to take part in a multidisciplinary project and specialize in 2d and 3d animation. The student can advance at a pace corresponding to his own aptitude, and experience the real production chain in the field of film production.

The student will participate in the creation of a pilot episode of the animated series Bonifacio and his Puppy, the new production of Aralan Films, Goya-nominated company that produced the short film Espagueti Western. This is a 13-part series intended for distribution by different digital platforms: mobile, digital tablets, websites, etc.

The objective is that all students pass through all stages of creation, from the animatic, storyboard and processing to its editing and postproduction, and all stages of production: animation, inking, coloring, drawing of funds, etc.

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