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State of Georgia To Prove “Toon Boom Software Training” For Animation Industry Development

The Georgia Entertainment Media Work Ready Region, the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Economic Development (Digital Entertainment Office) are pleased to announce and provide Toon Boom Software Training for 2 weeks during the summer. With this industry expected to grow to more than $555 Billion dollars by 2015 in the United States, the leadership of the Georgia Entertainment Media Region are vested in making sure industry can excel in Georgia and will sponsor the three (3) two week courses priced at $2500 each that will be offered FREE to those referred by their employers. The course will be taught on Animate Pro from a Toon Boon instructor flown in from Toronto, Canada.

The training course will target 43 digital content creators drawn from Entertainment and Media industry partners in the Atlanta area. We believe that this training will provide a strategic advantage to train on industry standard software and be able to develop critical skills to advance into a dynamic and fulfilling media arts career.

The Georgia Entertainment Media Work Ready Region which includes Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry and Rockdale counties, is bringing together industry and regional educational assets to create a regional entertainment talent pool. The growth of emerging industries in interactive entertainment, gaming and animation is accelerating. To support this momentum, GEM is building a pipeline of skilled animated workers to develop tomorrow’s entertainment industry innovations with this two week training program. This also supports Georgia Entertainment Media Region’s long-term goals in providing and supporting a skilled workforce needed for an emerging growth sector in Georgia.

Toon Boom Animation Inc. addresses the needs of the high, middle and low tiers of the animation market as well as expands its presence in new areas, such as gaming, mobile devices, e-learning applications, special effects, stopmotion and integration of 3D animation.

Please contact the Interactive Entertainment & Digital Games Global Commerce Project Manager (or have your employer registerer you) if you are interested in attending. Provide your name, your company, and proposed dates for taking the training course. The (3) 2 week sessions will begin:

July 11 – July 22
July 25 – August 5
August 8 –August 19