th1ng Creates Animated Commercial for Cadbury’s Screme Egg

Mixed media and animation production company th1ng has directed and produced a new animated commercial to promote Cadbury Screme Egg during the Halloween season.

The advert, commissioned by Fallon, is a 10-second stop motion animation directed by th1ng’s Tom, Dick and Harry and is being shown on digital screens in Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham.

The execution is based on the brand’s infectious sense of humour and features an animated Screme Egg once again trying to devise gruesome ideas to get its goo out. In the spirit of Halloween the Egg goes for a medieval iron maiden and explosively executes itself making the familiar goo sounds with a goo ‘splat’ effect at the end.

As part of an integrated campaign to increase consumer awareness and drive sales, the outdoor advertising is supported by a print campaign featuring stills taken by th1ng.


Project name: Screme egg
Client: Cadbury
Advertising agency: Fallon
Creative director: Shish Patel
Director: Tom Dick & Harry
Producer: Ru Warner
Production company: th1ng

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