Trunk Directing Duo Lore& Jun Show Off Festival Credits for Animac

LONDON, UK — Trunk’s amazing directors Lore& Jun have just completed the festival credits for the 16th International Film Festival of Animation in Catalonia (Animac).

The directing duo was invited to lead a workshop for students from EAM Leandre Cristofol. They showed the 1st and 2nd year students a lot of experimental animation, discussed movie titles and did some animation exercises. Inspired by the work of Jeff Scher Lore&Jun decided to shoot a video about the daily moments of an illustrator/animator which was used as a baseline allowing students to trace the frames with whatever style they chose. In total 320 frames were drawn during two and a half days. The finished work was overlaid by Lore & Jun with the names of the invited artists at the festival thereby forming the credits for the festival. Finally, with the help of Albert Marcet and Gacy Sarubbi, Rita the adorable French bulldog was introduced into the film.

The resulting film with a great soundtrack by Sunny Graves is a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and line formed by the wide variety of media used. It’s energy and pace is a credit to the students who were great to work with.

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