Two Prominent Voice Actors propose convention for Voice Actors Two Prominent Voice Actors propose convention for Voice Actors

Two Prominent Voice Actors propose convention for Voice Actors

From voice actor Bob Bergen’s Facebook page:

Hi all!

My buddy Gregg Berger and I are working on an idea, and I need your opinions:

ToonCon– a fan convention devoted to fans of animation voice actors.

This would take place on a 3 day cruise out of Los Angeles some time in 2012. Guests would include some of the top animation voice actors from some of the top animated series’ and features in the business. Kind of a cruise vacation/con combo!

Itinerary ideas:
-meet and greet cocktail party
-moderated Q&A with voice actors, as well as animation voice-over agent and voice director
-observing a mock animation recording session, directed by a top animation voice director
-as well as all the things involved on a cruise: miles of food, miles of ocean, port of call, ship’s entertainment, casino, etc.

SO-is this something you’d be interested in? The price would be 2 fold: the cruise itself (about $300-$600, depending on the stateroom size you book) and an additional con fee. (not sure what that would be, but I’m thinking around $150-$250..all depends on final budgets)

Let me know your thoughts! There has been a lot of interest amongst the top animation voice actors out there. If this gets a green light I’ll let you know. My goal is to start selling this in the early Spring. And of course, it will get a big push at the San Diego Comic Con in July.

Cruises book up early, and deposits would be needed to hold cabins. Deposits are refundable up to a certain date before the excursion. But cruise lines will only block off the cabins for a limited time, so early deposits are important to guarantee the best prices and availability.

This is all still in the planning stages. But let me know your thoughts. And if this is something you might be interested in pop me a note and I’ll make sure you get first dibs when this goes on sale.

Bob Bergen

  • Richard


  • A.C. the actress

    This is something I’d absolutely love to do, but as a 20 year old theatre student going to college in Indiana…It depends when it happens (I wouldn’t want to miss 3 days of school for it if I didn’t have to) and if I could get the money for airfare, plus cruise cost, plus con fee.

  • Love the idea, but for the greatest impact, it’s got to travel around. I can’t travel much these days, and the border is getting tougher all the time to cross. I am a voice actor who’d like to break into animation voice work, but it seems like a closed shop. Come up to Toronto and give us the basics about how to break into it.

  • Mark Walton

    I love the idea of a convention for voice acting, but I would be hard pressed to plunk down the money for a cruise as well – if I want to vacation, I’ll do just that, and go where I want to go. I recommend just holding the convention somewhere stationary to keep the cost down and attract more cash-strapped fans.

  • I live in Toronto, so I can’t go to this anyway, but I’d agree that it might be better to do it in a building rather than on a boat.

  • Katrina

    I LOVE Voice Actors!!!! I’m trying to find some kind of Con that focuses on VA but I don’t like the cruise idea it’ll get costy, and I have a fear of ships/boats. But I really want to meet Voice Actors I love them to death. So maybe just do it like Comic Con and Anime Con but 4 VA instead