<em>1000 Times No</em> <em>1000 Times No</em>

1000 Times No

Just published this week from HarperCollins is Mr. Warburton’s first childrens book 1000 Times No.

Warburton (Code Name: Kids Next Door) created a promo for it at curious pictures which is pretty much the whole damn book animated. Enjoy:

  • vzk

    I don’t care too much for KND but I like Warburton’s style.

    Very cute.

  • i’ve been wondering what his next project was after the KND + B&M crossover extravaganza thing.

    this looks very cute :)

  • Really great use of Flash, or After Effects, or whatever it is. I love the visual quality here. The story is fun too!

  • Adam Van Meter

    I like when children provide the voices of children. It feels so much more genuine. Good call, Mr. Warburton.

  • I actually liked this. Maybe my standards have been lowered a little bit, but this didn’t bother me at all. The art of children’s book illustration and writing has gone so far downhill since the golden days of Maurice Sendak and Dr. Seuss. I just graduated from my art college and this is one area I would love to get into. Try and bring back some integrity to children’s books.

  • Mike Milo

    Very colorful and well done. It reminds me of a 60’s spot like those old Maypo commercials.

  • S Follman

    I love the style of Mr. Warburton’s characters. To me he has brought the fun back into watching cartoons. I cant wait to get my hands on his book, I’m sure my daughters will love it. A thought so simple, yet so genius. Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!

  • Dock Miles

    Delightful. I’m sure there will be a followup featuring a girl named Yasmin.