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It makes me real happy knowing so many folks in animation enjoy my book Cartoon Modern, but it’s no less a delight when I discover people outside of animation have also taken a liking to it. Above is a photo of Sandi Vincent’s perfectly curated mid-century modern home. If you look closely, you’ll see a certain book laying on her Danish wall unit. On the photo’s Flickr page, she generously labels Cartoon Modern as the “best picture book on the shelf.” Thanks, Sandi. Be sure to check out the rest of her Flickr photostream for more mid-century mod goodies.

  • Arlene

    Go Sandi!

  • del

    As an Illustrator in the early days of my career, I have found Cartoon Modern to be a great source of inspiration!

    I had been visiting Cartoon Brew for while before I realised that you were the author!

    Thanks for such a great book.

  • james madison

    I need to get it, and will do so this week.

    Congrats, Amid!

  • Agreeing very much with del – a lot of my fellow illustration students (and the illustrators I know) have this book (and are subscribed to your rss feed!), and thinks its the best thing on the planet ;)

    Why can’t there be more book like this?

  • Professor Grandiositypants

    A well-curated home, for sure. It also looks like a real Kodachrome-type slide transfer, whether intentional or not.

  • It’s indeed a fine book Amid…(& I still need mine signed) but I’m seriously coveting that shelving system..

  • doug holverson

    Go Googie Girl!

  • That’s a beautiful picture. Her colors especially take it out of just a pastiche(and are usually-imho-missing from a lot of the current midcentury interiors). Makes me green with, you know, envy. Nice job!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Looks like the kind of room I want to have!

  • Very nice stuff. In order to be an accurate Mid-Century modern home, you need a cigarette lighter and ashtray, but i think you can let it slide this time.

  • We had a chair like that in the 60’s. Impossible to lean back in without sliding out.