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A Sketchy Past: The Art of Peter de Sève

A Sketchy Past

That’s the cover for a new project that I’ve been involved with: A Sketchy Past: The Art of Peter de Sève. It’s the first-ever monograph about Peter de Sève‘s professional work and it should be on everybody’s Christmas wishlist.

A Sketchy Past is 240 pages in a 10″ by 12″ hardcover format. It’s being released in October by French publishing house Akileos. They’re putting out two versions–one in English and the other in French. It’s not available to order yet, but Akileos has posted a preview page with details about the book and a preview PDF. It will debut officially at Galerie Arludik in Paris, which is holding a retrospective of Peter’s work in October. Events with Peter in the United States will follow shortly thereafter. As always, stay tuned to Cartoon Brew.

Having been a fan of Peter’s work for years, I was honored to be a part of this project. I’m particularly proud of the essay I contributed, and hope it’ll shed new insights into Peter’s approach and style. Make no mistake though. The main attraction here is page after incredible page of artwork. The book includes a generous number of roughs, as well as comments throughout from Peter. The artwork ranges from his New Yorker illustrations to animation work (the Ice Age series, Finding Nemo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame) to book covers and everything else in-between. The book is exquisitely designed by Lori Barra, who also designed Peter’s sketchbook that was published a few years ago. Everybody labored long and hard to get the book right, most of all Peter, who has spent the last thirty years creating these illustrations. If you’re a fan of Peter’s work, you won’t be disappointed, and if you’re unfamiliar with his work, prepare to become a fan.

Here are a few spreads from the book. Click to enlarge.

A Sketchy Past

A Sketchy Past

A Sketchy Past

A Sketchy Past

A Sketchy Past

  • WOOHOO! Finally!

  • Graham

    I’m really stoked to hear about this. I’ve had a De Seve sketchbook compilation for some time that I love dearly.

  • ted

    YES!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for years!! I’ll be first in line.

  • Sylvain

    Wow, I’ll get that for sure !

  • He is indeed a Master. And a nice chap to boot.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait…

  • Holy crap!
    This looks great! Put me down for 2!!!
    Met and worked with Peter in the early 90’s. Sweet guy, rocking good artist.

  • such a fan. so looking forward to it.

  • i had the sooper triple pleasure of working with mr. deseve on a project when i was at j.j. sedelmaier productions. not only is he supremely talented– he’s a really, really, really great guy. so he must go home and strangle puppies or something for a hobby. no one can be that perfect!

  • Awesome artist! Awesome book! Count me in.

  • Looking forward to that. He’s great!

  • Can’t wait!

  • Peter bent over backwards to try to come talk to students at Cal State Fullerton. Sadly it didn’t work out, but he invited some of us to another campus to come hear him speak. It was such a pleasure and he’s AWESOME. He gave a lot of insight about single panel gag comics (the order in which the audience reads your image, forcing a second read, hierarchy, etc.). I wish he’d publish a book that included not only his images, but a more educational theory book. Anyway, this’ll be on my bookshelf.

  • Dave G

    DeSeve’s next book will contain his illustrations of strangled puppies.

  • he’s pretty good with that 2b