Amid’s Animation Book Sale, Part II Amid’s Animation Book Sale, Part II

Amid’s Animation Book Sale, Part II

I’m continuing the great animation book purge of 2009. Everything I posted earlier today is already sold, but I’ve just posted more cool stuff by Jack Kinney, Eyvind Earle, Ernie Pintoff, Bob Dranko, Chris Jenkyns, Ken Anderson, Charles Schulz, Harvey Kurtzman, Friz Freleng, etc. Help me empty my life by going to the book sale page. Even more stuff coming soon!

  • oh, oh, oh . . . can I snag the history of celebrity caricature in America?

  • Mesterius

    Oh, man! I should have checked the Brew earlier… so, this means that even more stuff than you’ve already sold is coming soon, right?

  • I see me selling my ever growing collection like this some day.. it’s out of control! I see some great stuff here though.. must resist!