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Artist of the Day: Rebecca Dart

Rebecca Dart

Rebecca Dart lives in Vancouver and works on animation productions as well as creating comics and drawings for personal projects.

Rebecca Dart

A difficult subject for artists to draw well is the horse. Rebecca renders horses, warriors and all sorts of fantasy creatures in powerful, confidently inked brush strokes that make it seem effortless. Perhaps her horse drawing ability aided her in securing a job as part of the crew that recently rebooted the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television series, although you won’t see her art from the show on her blog where she has decided not to post any Pony-related concepts.

Rebecca Dart

Instead, you’ll find her slice-of-life comics:

Rebecca Dart

And various pieces from Rebecca’s art book, Battle Kittens, which features fearsome weapon-wielding ladies riding gigantic kittens into battle.

Rebecca DartRebecca Dart

Many more mythical and original creatures are in Rebecca’s Flickr collection.

R DartR DartR Dart
  • jordan reichek

    impressive stuff!

  • Dana B

    Her ink drawings are phenomenal! I wish I could draw that well…

  • martin

    wow love that dry brush technique.
    confident with the brush and yet so self-deprecating (in a funny way)

  • really great work!..

  • A wonderful artist!

  • Gigantor

    Yeah for Rebecca ! Sorry to hear about the Hemorrhoids…

  • Ewan Green

    I feel a little hollow sometimes, until I realise it’s because I haven’t visited her blog or read through her comics in a while.

  • jj

    I love Rebecca’s work, particularly her Batten Kitten sketches. A very talented artist.

  • Tim Hodge

    Amazingly talented and insightful.

  • Chuck R.

    Great stuff!
    I agree with Martin on the brush technique. It reminds me a bit of Herblock, but I like Dart’s wild design sensibility better. Just gorgeous.

  • Horses are indeed quite difficult to draw.

  • Kevin Gamble

    Rebecca Dart is the greatest!