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At Meltdown


Went to Meltdown Comics tonight and found out that two weeks from now they will be having a three day exhibit and opening reception for Project Bart. This exhibition features customized versions of Bart Simpson by 20 contemporary pop artists (the exhibit will come to New York’s Toy Tokyo Showroom Gallery in September). The Meltdown reception is on Wednesday August 1st from 7pm to 11pm.

While I was there I noticed the new Casper comics reprint book, assembled by Leslie Cabarga and myself, is now on sale. Not only on sale, but it was displayed as the “Manager’s Pick”. It was supposed to make its world premiere debut at the San Diego Comic Con next week, but it doesn’t quite have an embargo… like Harry Potter. So pick it up now, and enjoy!

  • OliverB

    Jerry, could you please elaborate on what differentiates the new Casper book from that ‘Ultimate Casper’ tpb released a couple of years ago?

    Is it just the quality of the reprints (inks, paper stock), format, content?

    I’d like to know whether I should sell my old book in anticipation for this release, or if there’s reason to hang on to it. It’d also be helpful to know of the differences prior to ordering.


  • OliverB – The “Ultimate” book is nice, but this new book features an introduction (by me) tracing the origin of Casper (from movie star to comic book icon); There is a cover gallery of the earliest St. John and Harvey issues; and we reprint of the “important” first Casper stories from St Johns and Harvey, first Wendy, Spooky, Nightmare, etc. The paper and reprint quality is superior, it’s over 475 pages, and the comics range from 1949-1966, featuring the best stories and art. If you are an animation fan, many of the stories are adaptations (or were later adapted) as animated cartoons, and many of the early stories were drawn by Famous Studios animators. It’s also the first of a series of volumes we are doing (next up Richie Rich in October; Hot Stuff in December, and next year Baby Huey and Little Audrey).

  • Looks like Jerry beat me to an explanation, but I guess my blabber might enumerate a few helpful facts regardless. ULTIMATE CASPER, compiled by Sid Jacobson, was simply a collection of entire Casper issues from the later years, reprinted in full; with all stories for each issue included, regardless of star character or quality.

    By contrast, what Jerry and Leslie have done is to compile individual *stories* that they consider the best, dating back to the very first from 1949. Each story is presented as a stand-alone—so you don’t have to take the rest of an otherwise mediocre issue to get the one good story in it. It’s a collection of stories, not complete comic books.

    In short, ULTIMATE CASPER and HARVEY COMICS CLASSICS: CASPER could easily stand side-by-side on a bookshelf and provide the reader with entirely different experiences. I’m not traditionally a Casper fan, but I look forward to seeing what real Casper fans feel to be the best work with the character.

  • Looks like those contemporary pop artists spent all of ten minutes painting their Barts. This is one art show I don’t think I’ll be sad I missed.

  • I got mine yesterday; looks fantastic! Can’t wait to sit down with it.

  • WOOOT! Look at that book on the left! That’s Black Cherry! (Thank you Caleb!)

  • Just picked up my copy at HOUSE OF SECRETS in Burbank. Looks great!

  • Here we are enjoying the book.

  • Yeah I was at Meltdown and saw that yesterday too. Pretty cool. Then my friend and I were amazed to find the Martha Washington comic right behind there. I assume she’ll be stomping some ass within those pages!

  • Thanks to this photo, I will never know who the ‘stupid’ is next to Alfred E. Newman. Never.

  • Joseph Nebus

    I just happened to see the Casper collection while wandering around the shopping mall today. If I weren’t watching my budget quite so tightly I’d have picked it up just on the strength of the first story I flipped open to, as that was a Duck Amuck-ish adventure where Casper must deal with the replacement cartoonist bringing his own new ideas of how to draw the comic book.

  • paint a bart exhibition? That one is quite perplexing or bordering on hoaxville .. no?