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Bigger and Better: Revised Editions of “Magoo” and “Rankin-Bass”

Just in time for the holidays… I’ve received hard cover revised editions of two essential animation books. Both were must-have’s in their original printings. Now both are even better.

First up, animator Darrell Van Citters has added 40 more pages to his labor of love, Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol: The Making of The First Animated Christmas Special. I first raved about this book back in 2009. This new edition comes in a slipcover, and is a limited edition of 250 copies (I hear he’s got less than 100 left – order it now!). Darrell has expanded every section, with additional text incorporating research he uncovered while writing his companion blog; more rare artwork, recently unearthed; and revised layouts making this a richer experience. Literally the final word on the subject – Van Citters’ Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol Commemorative 50th Anniversary Edition is a must for all UPA fans and vintage TV buffs.

Rick Goldschmidt – the Rankin-Bass expert-of-experts – has gone overboard (in a good way) by expanding his already essential 176-page 1997 labor-of-love, The Enchanted World of Rankin-Bass, into a monster 296-page (120 additional pages!) limited edition. This 15th Anniversary Edition is for anyone who worships at the altar of Rudolf, Frosty and Mad Monster Party. It contains 84 new color pages of rare photos and artwork, including original concept sketches and storyboard artwork – and beautiful tribute pieces by Bruce Timm, Mike Fontenelli, Patrick Owsley, Mark Christiansen, Matt Pott and others. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Order it now!

  • This story reminds me that once Billy Wider was walking in Paris and saw a cinema where they were showing a homage to Betty Grable….”They must be running out of homages” said the acerbic maestro…..

  • I agree with Oscar, mediocrity has moved up to the top of the stack! Let’s all “worship at the altar of Rudolph”!

    • Nic

      Not to ruin your whine, here, but these movies were a huge part of my childhood. I have very distinct memories of sitting down and watching the old stop-motion Christmas films with family every single year.

      So, yes. Let’s worship at the altar of Great Times, Great Memories, and Childhood Nostalgia.

      What’s wrong with that?

  • THANKS Jerry! Glad you liked the book!

    • I did indeed Rick. Oscar and Mark above are good friends of mine – and if they don’t kneel before Heat Miser, that’s their problem! ;)

      • I had the joy of working in The Jackson Five series, Jerry.

  • dbenson

    Watching Magoo’s Carol, I can’t help but wish they had a bit more time and money to actually animate the characters — what’s there is good, but minimal. Like a lot of early TV, it was assumed they had to make their costs back on that initial single airing.

  • Ted Herrmann

    There are a number of Magoo’s Carol DVDs available on Amazon – anyone here have an idea which is the “good quality” one to buy?

  • James Madison

    Nice! I have to add these to my collection!

  • Ted,

    Get the Blu-ray edition, it comes with a standard def disc as well. Although the color isn’t perfect, it was remastered from the negative and is heads and shoulders above the others.


  • Yeah, I’ve seen that Rankin-Bass book before, but the new edition may be more than I can resist.