Call For Article Submissions Call For Article Submissions

Call For Article Submissions

Chris Robinson tells me that he’s currently looking for writers and articles to be published in ASIFA Magazine (previously called Cartoons). The magazine has published numerous fine pieces over the past few years, including John Canemaker’s excellent two-parter about the life and art of JP Miller. The downside is that the magazine isn’t available for sale to the public, and is received only by ASIFA members.

Robinson says he’s looking for articles about all aspects of animation (business, indies, cartoons, anime, academic, interviews, etc.). The magazine comes out twice a year (summer and winter) and writers are paid for their contributions. Anybody interested can send a pitch to Chris Robinson at chris [at] animationfestival [dot] ca.

  • Wow, I love J P Miller and didn’t realize there were any articles out there about his life. Does anyone out there know if it’s possible to find back issues? Maybe you can get them through the magazine? As an illustrator not working in animation proper, I’m not sure I’m eligible for ASIFA.

  • Animation Pimp

    I think anyone is eligible to become an ASIFA member. It is a shame that the mag doesn’t go beyond ASIFA members, but at the same time, it’s a great reason to become an ASIFA member.