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Cartoon Modern is Voted Best Film Book of 2006

Cartoon Modern cover

I’m not one who likes to brag but that’s because I usually don’t have a whole lot to brag about. Things are a little different today though. I’ve just learned that my book Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation has won the Theatre Library Association Award for the best book about film, television and radio in 2006. Previous winners of the award, which has been given out since 1973, comprise a veritable who’s who of film and music historians including Gary Giddins, Neal Gabler, John Canemaker, David Bordwell and Kevin Brownlow. I’m humbled (and somewhat dazed) to be included among such elite company.

I’m especially thrilled because this is only the second time an animation book has won the top prize in the award’s 30-plus year history. The first time was in 1987 when John Canemaker was recognized for Winsor McCay: His Life and Art. (Also worth noting, last year, Daniel Goldmark received a Special Jury Prize for his book Tunes for ‘Toons: Music and the Hollywood Cartoon.)

Cartoon Modern is essentially page after page about some of the most unrecognized and undervalued geniuses of 20th century film art, and it makes me really happy that these artists are being afforded the long overdue recognition they deserve, both from the fine folks who have purchased the book and organizations like the Theatre Library Association who are honoring the book. I’ll be headed to NYC in June for the TLA awards ceremony. I half expect Ashton Kutcher to meet me there and tell me I’ve been punk’d.

Here are the press release details if anybody’s curious:

“Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation” (Chronicle Books), written by Amid Amidi, has been chosen as the winner of the 2006 Theatre Library Association Award. Established in 1973, the Theatre Library Association Award is given each year to the best English-language book about recorded performance, including motion pictures, television, and radio. Books nominated for the coveted award are judged on the basis of scholarship, readability, and general contribution to the broadening of knowledge.

The Theatre Library Association is a non-profit, educational organization established in 1937 to promote the collection, preservation, and use of theatrical and performing arts materials. Membership includes librarians, scholars, curators, archivists, performers, writers, designers, historians, collectors, and students.

  • Congratulations Amid!

  • Congratulations, Amid. You deserve the attention and praise, “Cartoon Modern” is a great book. And the latest Animation Blast was amazing.

  • Great news and well deserved!!

  • A hearty “Congratulations!” from the other Chuck.

    I bought the book as well, and it’s one of my favorites. You’ve earned this distinction (regardless of whether Ashton pops up to break the spell.)

  • They couldn’t have picked a better book and better fellow for the award. Congrats!

  • Smelof Livingston

    My only complaint about the book is the font is too small. Just like the small font I saw at Dodger Stadium last night at the parking booth……$15!

  • Very cool. Anyone who doesn’t have this book yet should pick it up.

  • Of course it won! This was my favourite read last year.

    A hearty congratulations to you!

  • Bob Harper

    Well done and well deserved Amid. I’ve been reading my copy so much I need to buy another to have one in mint condition.

  • Congratufrikkilations, Amid!

  • Jenny

    Congratulations, Amid! That’s great news!

  • Awesome news, Amid! What a great honor!

  • Congrats! It’s well deserved. My copy sits next to me while I draw. That yellow book has provided me with lots of inspiration. Thanks!

  • jordan reichek

    wow! i guess being a surly bastard can get you somewhere!

    good going and well deserved, amid!

  • Congratulations, Amid. I love this book.

  • I’m so lucky to have a copy of this fantastic slice of animation history. Thanks for making such a great book. Congratulations!

  • Bob

    Congrats!!!!!!! Well deserved!

  • ovi

    congrats man, well deserved.

  • Congrats, Amid. Well-deserved, too.

  • Good job Amid! Congratulations!

  • amid

    Thanks to everybody for the kind words. Suffice it to say, I think you all have terrific taste in animation books :-)

  • Wow! Congratulations! It’s a fun and useful book and the award is richly deserved!

  • Gerard de Souza

    Congrats. It is indeed an indispensable book for anyone interested in lesser-sung animation history.

  • Let me add my congratulations, Amid. And let’s hope that there are more books in your future. As a reader, I’m certainly looking forward to them.

  • J. J. Hunsecker

    Congratulations, Amid. I have my copy right here at work, where it comes in handy.

  • Congrats dude!! You deserve it, the book is amazing!!

  • Ted

    Congrats, Amid. It’s great to see all of your hard work recognized like this!

  • Congratulations. I was consistently a fan of your writing from the earliest Animation Blast days, so it once again proves what excellent taste I have. Enjoy the cigars; the limos; the groupies!

  • Congratulations Amid! Well deserved.

  • Well done, Amid! I’ve learned a lot from your book, becoming more familiar with names that I’d only known a little about previously. And of course the artwork included is just wonderful. Actually, I used your book in my character design class at Sheridan about a month ago to show the students how graphic, shape-based designs can still have some feeling of dimension and an organic, animateable quality. It is likely to become a classic in animation textbooks, having filled in a big gap in the history. Congrats on your award.

  • John

    A hearty congratulations Amid! Keep ’em coming!

  • Mark Kennedy

    Congrats, that’s a great honor, and it is a very cool book indeed.

  • Oh, you know how I feel about this book! CONGRATS, Amid! Very very cool honor — you deserve it.

  • A wonderful, colourful, inspirational as well as informative work that deserves full praise – Bravo Amid ! I’m trying my best to promote the book in France – Everyone should have a copy!

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Congratulations, Amid!

  • Excellent choice! Congratulations, it’s so well deserved.

  • Todd Jacobsen

    Congrats, my friend! Well deserved.

  • Floyd Norman

    You deserve it, Amid. Your book is a treasure.

  • A belated congratulations Amid. It’s a rare person whose taste, passion, and dedication can mix it up into such a fantastic package. We’re all lucky to have your perspective on our worlds.