CBS on animator Tim Walker CBS on animator Tim Walker

CBS on animator Tim Walker

A few months ago I posted about my friend, animator James “Tim” Walker who was diagnosed with Lateral Parkinsons Disease on his right side. This past week, our local L.A. CBS channel (KCBS) ran this nice piece on Walker (embed below) about his illness and his sketchbook, Drawings From The Left.

  • Ant

    Tim is amazing!!! I ran into him at lunch the other day, and his spirit was enough to keep me going for years!!

  • He looks a lot like Bruce Bickford’s dad (seen lots in Monster Road)

  • Wow, that was inspiring!

  • Tim is truly one of the most inspiring people in the history of animation. How many artist do you know that would draw with their opposite hand and have it good enough to put out a book? Tim is living proof that you can accomplish anything that life throws at you.

    God bless Tim Walker…

  • Tim

    Great post. Great story. Great guy. Thanks for posting. I wish all the best to Tim.

  • Scott Awley

    What an incredibly inspirational story. I worked with Tim at WB for many years. He’s a great guy and so deserved of this attention. Tim, if you read this — congratulations! When does Book II come out?? :-)

  • Ben davenport

    Wow Tim such a great response on the book!! U truly know how to put a smile on peoples faces. We are all so proud of u for what u have accomplished, and I myself am proud to be your son-in-law. We love u!!

  • Tim gave ‘Drawings from the Left Side’ to me through my good friend Mark after they spent an evening together over dinner. Being an artist as well, Mark wanted to share Tim’s remarkable talent.
    I was so excited when I received the book and enjoyed looking at all the wonderful cartoons and reading Tim’s story. However,this video has so impressed me in an even greater way to take whatever is getting me down, turn it around and fight to success! You are a great inspiration Tim. Thank you!! And thank you for the book. I’m honored to have it in my library.