Children’s Books by Animation Artists Children’s Books by Animation Artists

Children’s Books by Animation Artists

2009 appears to be the year of illustrated books by animation artists. It’s hard to keep track there are so many of them. Below are some of the latest offerings. None of the artists wrote these books, with the exception of Carter Goodrich, who illustrated his own story.

Being a Pig is Nice: A Child’s-Eye View of Manners illustrated by Dan KrallIllustrated book by Dan Krall

The Hermit Crab illustrated by Carter GoodrichIllustrated book by Carter Goodrich

How to Train with a T.Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals illustrated by Ward JenkinsIllustrated book by Ward Jenkins

How to Potty Train Your Monster illustrated by Mike MoonIllustrated book by Mike Moon

And one that comes out in a couple months: Toy Story: Ride ’em, Cowboy! illustrated by Lorelay Bove. More details on Lorelay’s blog.Illustrated book by Lorelay Bove

  • I once saw a small collection of books by Glen Keane. They were colorful Bible-based stories for little kids with a little raccoon character. They’re adorable.

  • Joe Torcivia

    Isn’t that Dee-Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory, in the Pig book?

  • Top tip: Monsters love to eat books whilst sitting on the potty!


  • I hear it’s now illegal to put a black outline around your artwork.

  • aaron

    A Dan Krall book?!!! Where have I been? Off to Amazon…

  • Black lines are for wusses! Thanks for the shout-out, Amid! I’m hoping that this is the first of many for me. Time will tell.

  • My wife and I write and illustrate a book for our daughter each year, and get them printed through MyPublisher. For right now it’s just something we do for her, but we’ve thought about options for actual publishing as well, at some point.

    This is the third one we just finished, as our daughter turns 3 this month:

  • vzk

    Does Michael Phelps share a bong with the T-Rex?

  • Oh boy. Never heard that one before, vzk. Try again.

  • Oh, and by the way, the Phelps book was completely finished a full month before that infamous photo was released. Hope that answers your question.