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“Chuck Jones: The Dream That Never Was”

To commemorate the 2012 centennial of Chuck Jones’s birth, IDW’s Library of American Comics will publish Chuck Jones: The Dream That Never Was. This is the new name for the “Crawford” book project we’ve plugged several times before. Now that it’s getting closer to publication, the cover (above) has just been released. The press release says:

Chuck Jones: The Dream That Never Was follows the twenty-seven year journey it took Jones to bring “Crawford” to the public, from conception to storyboard to newspaper strip. This incredible volume is loaded with never before seen sketches, drawings, storyboards and production notes, and the six-month run of the Crawford newspaper comic strip from 1978. Accompanying the artwork is a biography of Chuck Jones’s career in the sixties and seventies and how it influenced the creation of Chuck’s only foray into the world of comic strips.

The book is being edited by Kurtis Findlay and Dean Mullaney, and designed by Lorraine Turner. Visit the official Chuck Jones: The Dream That Never Was website where all-new, never before seen Chuck Jones art will be added in the coming weeks and months leading up to the book’s release in December. I think you will also “like” the Crawford Facebook page.

  • I love Chuck Jones and I’ve been really looking forward to this book as soon as it was announced. However, the failed kite flight/tangled imagery is such a hallmark Peanuts gag, I don’t think it’s such a good idea to use it on the cover.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I would think so too, it might give someone the idea Chuck was a little too influenced by what came before.

      • Since it appears that the editors of the book are reading these, I just want to clarify that I didn’t mean the cover was a deal breaker of any kind. I think something better could be chosen, but I’ll still be buying this on the first day of release even if it was just a stack of photocopies stapled at Kinkos.

  • I already reserved a spot in my bookcase for this, a must for all Chuckaholics (of the Jones kind)

  • Scott Jeralds

    one question….where’s the curiosity shop complete series dvd?

    • There are two major problems here: The originals have been “lost”. Unfortunately, not even Chuck Jones Enterprises has copies of this show on any format.

      Also, the rights to that series is divided up between so many different parties that it is doubtful it will ever be released on DVD.

      • Scott Jeralds


      • I know, right? I’ve only seen a fraction of the show. I’d love to see more.

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    IDW is a class act publishing house! They really know how to put together a presentation when it comes to celebrating a classic comic strip.

    From what I heard, Jones’ ephemeral CRAWFORD strip was cute, but left a lot be desired in terms of its offering. When this new book hits the market, I’m sure IDW’s design prowess will turn skeptics into fans! LOL Just watch.

    I look forward to its release.

  • I read the Sunday version of the strip when it was originally published. It is far from Jones’ best work. If his reputation rested on Crawford, he’d be nothing more than a footnote to comic strip history. For those who have yet to read the strip, don’t get your hopes up.

  • Dean Mullaney has only done brilliant work in the recent past. Obviously, this book is going to be a good one.

  • The Gee

    A couple of things:
    There are other strips, some even from around the same time that are more over looked and which might deserve some recognition.

    The art is nice from what little I have seen of the strip but….

    I agree that isn’t the strongest example on the cover. It is a grandma joke and one that really should have more panels. I’m guessing it is a comics page, given the layout…

    It could have been poetic, maybe even funnier. But, like Thom Foolery wrote, it is a Charlie Brown gag.

    I’m sure it will be a nice book to read and own though. The guy had a rich and varied life.

    • The panels on the cover are part of a larger storyboard sequence that will be included in the book.

      • The Gee

        Then I sit corrected.

        Well, I apologize for some of what I wrote then.

        And, it does read better as a board than as a comic.

        I am interested in checking out the book when it is released.

  • Alissa

    All right, now I know what I want for Christmas next year!

  • Mister Twister

    Ai vill buy that.