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CONTEST #3: The Art Of Madagascar

Yep, those are sketches of Baby Melman, designed by Craig Kellman, and featured in my brand new book, The Art of Madagascar, Back 2 Africa (on sale NOW!).

In today’s contest, the first two people to post the correct answer in our comments section below will win a copy of this magnificent volume.

Question: The Madagascar Penguins are being spun off into a series for Nickelodeon. Who is the voice of the lead penguin, Skipper? (Hint: he’s the co-director of the Madagascar films)

Contest Closed! Winners announced in the comments section below.

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  • Alan Cook

    Tom McGrath

  • Sam K!

    Tom McGarth would be the voice of skipper!

  • Jerry Beck

    Alan Cook and Sam K are our winners! Thank you to everyone who entered!

  • Seth Reek

    Tom McGrath

  • Dax Norman

    Is it Tom McGrath?

  • Wilson Swain

    Tom McGrath

  • Dan

    Tom McGrath

  • Andrew

    the voice is played by Tom McGrath

  • Marvin Miller

    The voice of Skipper was Tom McGrath.

  • Sean Szeles

    Tom McGrath

  • Ryan Goldsberry

    It’s Tom McGrath…

  • warren

    Tom McGrath!

  • eddie t.

    is it Tom McGrath?

  • Vadim Kiyaev

    hello I think that would be Tom McGrath

  • foad

    Tom McGrath

  • Erik

    Tom McGrath!!!

  • Jason N

    Tom McGrath

  • Jason Hand

    Tom McGrath

  • Adam Rosette

    Tom McGrath ;)

  • Ron

    Tom McGrath

  • Chris Pagoria

    Tom McGrath

  • Pete

    Tom McGrath!!! :)

  • Ron

    Tom McGroth

  • Jessica

    tom mcgrath

  • Daniel Gutierrez

    Tom McGrath

  • Trevor Piecham

    Tom McGrath

  • Lucas W.

    Tom McGrath !!!

  • megan condron

    is it tom mcgrath?

  • David de Rooij

    Tom McGarth!

  • Chris Bivins

    Tom McGrath

  • David de Rooij

    McGrath! sorry for the typo!!

  • David Au

    I believe voice of Skipper is Tom McGrath.

  • Roberto Jauregui

    That would be Tom McGrath

  • Doug Anderson

    It’s Tom McGrath!!

  • topher

    Tom McGrath?

  • Allison Craig

    Tom McGrath!

  • james

    tom mcgrath

  • Erik Griott

    Tom McGrath is the co-director and voice of the penquin, Skipper.

  • Bryan Beach

    Tom McGrath.

  • Geoff Munn

    Tom McGrath

  • Carlos

    Tom McGrath!

  • Vixie

    Tom McGrath

  • W. R. Miller

    Tom McGrath!

  • The Gute

    Tom McGrath

  • Michael

    Tom McGrath

  • Kevin MacLean

    Tom Mcgrath

  • Josh

    Tom McGrath

  • jay smith

    is it Chris Miller????

    I know i’m late posting the answer, i always am, but it was fun to to enter!!!


  • Marty Fuller

    Tom McGrath?

  • Ian

    Tom McGrath!

  • Travis

    Tom McGrath!

  • Taber Dunipace

    I believe it was Tom McGarth, Bob.
    I’ll take Cartoon Trivia for 500.

  • Ruthie

    That’d be Tom McGrath, wouldn’t it?

  • Jennifer Hager

    Tom McGrath!

  • http://none Nicholas Butera

    I believe its Tom McGrath

  • Bill5925

    Tom McGrath. I know, too late. But still fun.

  • Uncle Phil

    Tom McGrath.. but I’m probably too late.

  • Jen

    Tom McGrath?

  • Bryan Chojnowski

    Tom McGrath

  • Bianca Siercke

    I believe that was Tom McGrath

  • Robb

    Tom McGrath!

  • Wes

    The answer is Tom McGrath

  • Anne-marie cyr

    Tom McGrath


    Tom McGrath !!!!!!!!!!!!! OH i hope i won !!!!!!!!!!

  • natev

    tom mcgrath

  • Meg

    Tom McGrath

  • Brent Walker

    Tom McGrath is the voice of Skipper.

  • roque

    Tom Mcgrath

  • chris

    tom mcgrath

  • Diane

    Gorgeous work, my favorite characte!

    Answer: Tom McGrath


  • Mr. Taylor

    Tom McGrath

  • Matt Jones

    Tom McGrath!

  • Ronnie

    The voice of Skipper was Tom McGrath I believe.

  • Carrie L

    I’ll guess Tom McGrath

  • al

    Tom McGrath!Is Tom McGrath!

  • Keith

    Tom McGrath!

  • Heather Jane

    I think its Tom McGrath is it not?

  • Danielle Lopez

    The answer is Tom McGrath! Or “who is Tom McGrath?”….for all the jepordy peeps. :)

  • Chris Jackson

    Tom McGrath!

  • Chris Jackson

    Tom McGrath

  • david bernal

    Tom McGrath! :)

  • David K

    Tom McGrath does the voice, right?

  • jogarbel

    Tom McGrath

  • Luis

    Tom McGrath

  • Luis Z

    Tom McGrath, I think

  • Jaimonster

    Tom Mc Grath

  • Dave Knott

    Skipper is voiced by Tom McGrath.

  • fernando gama

    tom macgraph!!

  • fernando gama

    tom macgrath!!

  • fernando gama

    tom macgraph

  • fernando gama

    tom macgrath

  • fernando gama

    tom mcgrath

  • Gints

    Tom McGrath

  • ignacio

    is it Tom McGrath ?

  • nicole

    tom mcgrath =)

  • Mark Robinson

    Tom McGrath?

  • Guido Muzzarelli

    Tom McGrath

  • Zane Jensch

    Tom McGrath is the voice of Skipper

  • Kevin

    Tom McGrath!!!

  • Richard

    Tom McGrath

  • Freddy

    Hope I’m not too late! Is it Tom McGrath? :)

  • Charles

    Is it Tom McGrath?

  • Chris

    The voice of the lead penguin is Tom Mcgrath

  • KyleB

    Its Tom McGrath

  • Rick Blankenship

    Tom McGrath – “Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.”

  • Jayster

    Tom McGrath

  • Bruce

    It’s Tom McGrath.

    Did I win, did I win?

  • Jayster

    Just as a side note, I really was a teenage Stimpy.

  • PJ

    Tom McGrath!

  • Jenny Lerew

    Of course it’s TOM McGRATH!

    …and if I don’t win a book after all the scratch I did for him, well, it’ll be just too bad

    …for me, that is–the art looks great!

  • boxmyth

    Who is Tom McGrath?

  • danyboom

    Tom McGrath


  • Jason Wentworth

    Tom McGrath???

  • Adam Campbell

    Tom McGrath

  • AdrianC

    Tom McGrath provides Skipper’s voice if I’m not mistaken.

  • Chris Dainty

    it’s Tom McGrath

  • Andrew Wilson

    Cameron Bailey is the Co Director….

  • joost vd bosch

    it’s Tom McGrath

  • SlappyHappy

    Tom McGrath?

  • Chris J

    I think it’s Tom McGrath