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FIRST LOOK: Disney Family Museum’s “Snow White” Exhibit

Diane Disney Miller, author J.B. Kaufman and Lella Smith (creative director of the Disney Animation Research Library) discuss the art just published in Kaufman’s second new Snow White book, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs: The Art and Creation of Walt Disney’s Classic Animation.

This second Snow White book by J.B. – not to be confused with The Fairest One Of All, both on sale today – is primarily an art book published in conjunction with The Walt Disney Family Museum’s new exhibit, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs: The Creation of a Classic (opening November 15th and will run through April 14th 2013). This book walks the reader through the movie, scene by scene, accompanying the art with behind-the-scenes stories about the film’s production. I highly, highly recommend it!!

  • Joe Kennedy

    I received the book today and the artwork is fantastic! However, none of the artists are credited in the book. The credits under each image are ‘Disney Artist.’ Seems they could have done a little more research..

    • Matt

      I think that’s simply an unfortunate sign of the time the film was made. I’m sure they didn’t keep nearly the same kind of records and archives they did for later films. Sure, they could probably find some of the artists… but a lot of it would probably be guess work, anyways.

      • akira

        seems like there are plenty of people who could identity Gustaf Tenggren’s work

  • Kurtis

    Really looking forward to these books!

  • Bill

    A beautiful book. Just skimmed it so far. I understand this is an art book, not the “making of”, but still surprised there is no mention of Adrianna Caselotti. There are numerous references and photos of Margorie Belcher (Marge Champion) as the reference model.

  • Phil Lindholm

    It is, indeed a beautiful book-and there are a couple of photographs of Adriana Caselotti, and numerous references to her throughout the text.Check the index.

  • Phil Lindholm

    I’m afraid I goofed-I was talking about ”THE FAIREST ONE OF ALL”. It’s true the second book by Profesor Kaufman (”SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, THE ART AND CREATION OF WALT DISNEY’S CLASSIC ANIMATED FILM”) doesn’t mention Caselotti, but it’s more of an art book, with fairly limited text.She is fairly extensively chronicled in the former book. Each one is an absolutely stunning volume no animation or ”Snow White” fan can afford to be without. And true fans will want both.

  • Gary Meyer

    I was at the VIP opening last night. There is text in the exhibit that explains that Walt wanted the art to be as one so he insisted that things be signed “Walt Disney artist.” There are plenty of pieces identified as by artists like Gustaf Tenggren and Maurice Noble (distinctively there beautiful work). I didn’t have time to actually look at the books but spoke with the books’ author and designer who clearly were committed to doing the right thing.
    Previous temporary exhibits at the Disney Family Museum have been small because of limited space (the permanent exhibits are extensive) but the Snow White show is in a separate building and covers a lot of territory. There are few original cels because they are fragile so reproductions (really recreations) are used and to me Snow’s face seems different in them.

    I plan to return as it was overwhelming. If you go ti the Museum for the first time, plan to break up your visit doing the main exhibit first and then take a walk in the forested (how appropriate) Presidio or along the waterfront. Maybe grab lunch and then return for Snow White. End with a visit to their unique gift show in the main building (budget for that) and maybe watch a movie in the comfortable theater.

    The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from that entrance to the Snow White show is spectacular.