“Flicks: How the Movies Began” by Arnold Schwartzman “Flicks: How the Movies Began” by Arnold Schwartzman

“Flicks: How the Movies Began” by Arnold Schwartzman

Flicks: How the Movies Began is an interactive 12-page book published by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2001. The designer of the book, Arnold Schwartzman, was the former design director of Saul Bass and Associates. Someone should republish it for a wider audience.

(Thanks, Philip Hunt)

  • Good idea Amid… I wonder if the Academy ever republishes..
    Note: This film was made as a gift for Arnold by Mich Micenmacher, the Broad.Cat festival commissioner & editor in chief – and shown by none other than the wonderful Arnold Schwartzman himself in a fantastic talk he gave in Barcelona last Friday.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Covet. It makes one want to perpetually scan eBay, Hollywood used book shoppes and bugging estates of dead academy members for a copy.

  • Just snagged a new copy on Amazon for $14, there are other copies available there as well.

    • Jay Sabicer

      Got mine also. Thank you for the heads-up. I live for books like these: well thought-out amalgams of form and function, and about animation.

      • theycallmeshine

        What are you guys searching! I’m not getting any matches!!

      • amid

        Here’s the link:

  • Wow! Great book! I love the animation on physical support, it become a magical trick!

  • That’s hundred times more interesting than an “interactive book” you can only engage by sliding your finger on a plastic screen.

  • Thank you very much Philip for your comments about Broad.cat and in spreading the word about this amazing book.

  • Dear Philip,
    It was a great pleasure to share the stage with you in Barcelona and to learn of your wonderful animated film projects.
    Thank you so much for your most kind comments
    regarding my book “Flicks”. I shall forward all the above to the Academy and enquire if they are willing to sell or republish the book.
    Very best,


  • Awesometron

    Can someone please tell me what that song is?!?