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Geppi’s Entertainment Museum


No, this isn’t a frame from the forthcoming digital restoration of the Max Fleischer Popeye cartoons. It’s an actual production cel and background from Let’s You and Him Fight (1934).

Original art from Fleischer cartoons is scarce, but this cel and hundreds of other super-rare pop culture artifacts are on permanent display at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore Maryland. I haven’t visted the place myself, but I just recieved a copy of the beautiful souvenir book, Pop Culture with Character and if this book is any indication, Geppi’s Museum is a place I must visit next time I’m on the East Coast.

It’s the history of pop culture told through artifacts and mementos dating back to the early 1800s and continuing up through 2007’s Spongebob and Shrek. The book is a catalog of cool stuff, and I can only imagine that seeing this memorabilia in person, at the museum, would be mind blowing. Thanks Mr. Geppi for collecting this material and sharing it with us.

  • Spencer R.

    I’ve been there myself and was amazed at the quantity of artwork and artifacts. I could probably spend an entire day there! If anyone is considering going, I would highly recommend it. I went when it first opened and I’m sure there is even more to it by now.

  • OM

    …Jer, I strongly urge you and Amid to visit ASAP, because over on Newsarama we’re constantly hearing strong rumors that Geppi’s having serious problems keeping that place funded enough to keep the doors open, much less keep the building its in rented. Seems that when either the Ravens or the Orioles are out of season, the place is so off the normal tourist trap routes that not only are the average Joe Punchclocks unable to accidentally find it, die-hard comic and animation addicts have reported that they’ve gone to Baltimore and couldn’t even find it with a Google or Mapquest printout!

    …Still, everyone I’ve talked to who’s gone says it’s worth the visit, and *almost* worth the hassle getting there when the surrounding traffic is a mess because the home team is losing across the street :)

  • “The road to ruin is paved with good intentions!”, or something like that. I remember the Museum of Cartoon Art was located in Boca Raton, Florida, and suffered from similar problems- eventually closing and moving to the Empire State Building in NYC (open yet?). Maybe Mr. Geppi should consider a similar move to a larger city.

    I’ve got a great comic book collection in my garage, but no one’s knocking on my door and asking to see it. Location-location-location… true in real estate, true in life.

  • Bad Actor

    I think I remember seeing this at Reg Hartt’s place once.

  • I’m planning on going there this year around an Orioles game. Maybe even tomorrow. The Examiner is having a special Baltimore day and Geppi’s is one place where with their coupon you can get a ticket for $1 along with a full-priced admission.

  • The museum isn’t hard to find when you learn that it’s in the same building as the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards—just one floor further up.