Hanna Barbera Treasures Hanna Barbera Treasures

Hanna Barbera Treasures


Here’s an early heads up on one of the several books I’ve been working on this past few months. It’s just been announced publicly in the latest edition of Diamond Comics Previews, so I see no reason not to mention it here. The Hanna Barbera Treasury is a unique coffee table art book celebrating Hanna Barbera’s legacy (mainly the 50s and 60s TV series) through visuals including original production art, rare merchandising material and obscure comic books. It’s shaping up rather nice, I’m having a lot of fun with it, and it’ll make a nice gift for that cartoon fan on your holiday list. It’s being lavishly produced by Insight Editions, the folks who did the Surf’s Up and Monster House coffee table books. Look for it to go on sale in October.

  • Jorge Garrido

    WHOAH! This came out of left field! OK, no more buying name brands for me, I’m going to be spending too much money on animation books and DVDs this year!


  • Weird…I was just thinking that someone should make a Hanna Barbera book

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    Wow, how often have I spoken about all those Hanna-Barbera comic book adaptations of TV episodes I used to buy. Maybe a book like this will get the ball rolling and show those in power how classy a real volume by volume Hanna-Barbera collection can and should be on DVD. Yay!!

  • Kevin

    I remember a HB book I found used back in 1991, which I’ve since misplaced. However, it was chock-full of all things HB. It went through all the shows and the history, with tons of great pictures. I don’t think it was as in-depth as this new one is shaping up to be though. I wish I could find it again.

  • uncle wayne

    I’M the “cartoon fan”….and it’s a holiday EVERY Day! Good-bye $45!!

    A what a kick to see Peter P. “nude!”

  • Steven R

    Yes, I sure hope it is better than the last (?) HB coffee table book
    The Art of Hannah-Barbera by Ted Sennett. But then how could it be worse?

  • Two quick additional notes/clarifications:

    1.The cover pictured on the publishers website is not the cover the book will have. It’s still being worked on.

    2. This book is more of a picture book. It’s an art book with the gimmick of some removable bonus features. It’s not a reference book of the type I’m known for.

  • James Kormann

    WOW!! Jerry, just when I think that you can’t amaze me any more with all the cool things that you are involved in, you pull out this! As a HB fan ever since I was old enough to sit up and watch tv, this book looks like something no animation fan can do without. You can guarantee that I will be putting a copy of this bad boy on my book shelf!

  • Since warner’s DVDs of Hanna-Barbera shows are slowly going down the Tubes, this couldn’t possible be any more welcome. These kind of books always have somethingh interesting about them.

    October, huh? This’ll make a great birthda present for my Dad

  • Robert Schaad

    Hope it includes at least one red Huck Hound…as the licensing to toy, and book manufacturers often produced images where the color of the character wasn’t a consideration.

  • uncle wayne

    Hey, Robert! I HAD a (red) Huck plush! I coulda killed my parents for “getting rid of it” later down the years! I never, to my dying day, understood why change his color in merchandising. I never forgot when we got our first color tv….that blue just knocked your damn socks off!!

    Can ANYone out there explain that Huck-red mystery?

  • I was really digging that cover, too. Oh well. Looks pretty interesting.

  • Just so long as you get in some Augie Doggy and Doggy Daddy!


  • Smarter Than The Average

    The book sounds great. Can’t wait to see it.
    There are two particular periods of HB that I am especially interested in at the moment:
    1) The H-B Enterprises period of commercials & sitcom intros.
    2) The Australian studio that became Southern Star.
    I think I’ll have to wait a long time for books on those.
    Being a UK HB fan, we don’t always get all the good stuff.
    The DVD sets have been dribbling through.
    Most recently, we had Scooby-Doo Movies – 4 episodes on 1 disc.
    No sign of Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt yet, which I would like, being a massive Frank Welker fan.
    The Ted Sennett book was a treasure for me as a child.
    The more recent book about cells was disappointing.
    I have good childhood memories of the period that included Undercover Elephant, Dinky Dog & Drak Pack, but that may be just me.

  • Ju-osh

    Jerry: Would you say that this book is similar to the Disney ones put out by Robert Tieman, The Disney Keepsakes and The Disney Treasures?

  • Jo-osh: Yes I would.

  • Jerry,
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Hope to see lots of Ed Benedict’s early work.

  • Bill Field

    I would gladly let you use anything from my collection:
    drawings, storyboards, paintings, from the Art Davis collection and from the Leo Burnett/Kelloggs collections I’ve amassed. It may be too late, but I have the Wacky Races/”Crazy Racers” pilot storyboards, early Impossibles storyboards- THEY ALL WORE THE SAME COSTUME!- Not to mention Fluid Man’s original name was–RAIN BEAU!

    Gary Fields- You are a terrific Cartoonist! Even if you do have an “S” on the end of your name! I remember your THREAT comics work- and your Cartoon Network comics are really terrific- how many comics were ever as cool as the show?-You changed that.
    “You are one of the good ones, man.”