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Hanna Barbera Treasury – now Leather Bound!


Imagine curling up in your comfy recliner chair, snug in your smoking jacket, slippers and monocle, pipe in your mouth and brandy snifter at your side, perusing your personal leather bound copy of The Hanna Barbera Treasury.

Yes, The Easton Press has just published a limited edition leather-bound edition of my H-B book for royal sum of $147. (payable in three monthly installments of $49.00). I don’t have one myself – I didn’t even know they were publishing such an edition – but I’d certainly recommend it for the cartoon fan who has everything – and I do mean everything! Place your order here.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I’d only get it if it were bound in the leather from Joe Barbera’s couch that was used for the Fred Flintstone running sound effect!

  • Well Jerry, you made me do it. I placed my order. I’m a sucker for limited editions, especially cartoon-related! I can’t wait!

  • It’s a great book, I gave it my highest rating, it’s truly worthy of a leather volume. Shop smart, and for the same amount, you can have practically the whole Beck catalogue! There are leather covers for $10.00-$20.00, get one, and then, 29.00 for the hardcover HB Tres. on Amazon, and with the $100 you have left, buy shrewdly, new and like new copies, and you can own almost everything Jerry has ever written!

  • Well….it’s pure gold that gets put in a treasure chest!!

  • Ed Kirk

    Jolly good show old sport – I’ll have my butler order one.

  • Killroy McFate

    There’s nothing like paying top dollar for a deluxe leather-bound edition of a book about cartoons produced as cheaply as humanly possible.

    “My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of irony..”

  • Richard

    Does the leather-bound edition have the corrected book pages?

  • I just received my copy…it has the same page error as the original printing :(