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Hans Bacher’s Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds

A happy note to close out this year’s animation book releases: Hans Bacher’s eagerly anticipated book about animation production design, Dream Worlds, is finally shipping on Amazon. I’ve yet to see a copy but animation director Michael Sporn has received the book and is quite pleased. He writes on his blog: “With the same ardent enthusiasm I had for Amid Amidi’s Cartoon Modern and Mike Barrier’s The Animated Man, I encourage you to buy a copy of this book if you’re serious about animation. It’s stunningly beautiful, filled with excellent art, attractively designed and it looks to be enormously informative. The book shows you what a production designer does in an animated film. I’ve seen no other book like it.”

  • Must have…

  • Eager to fill the void left by his vanished blogs, I’ve ordered it right away.

  • Mark Kennedy

    I ordered this from Amazon about two weeks ago and I’ve already received it. I haven’t looked at it yet, though, because I gave it to my wife so I will have something to unwrap Christmas morning. I can tell you, though, that if it’s one tenth as informative as all the handouts Hans did at Disney over the years, it will knock people’s socks off!

  • I fell in love with Bacher’s stuff thanks to the Disney Art Of books. I can’t wait to get this.

  • Franklin

    It’s a good book, but rather cheaply reproduced. The paper is terrible. Get your hands on the Japanese version if you can…it’s better.

    While it claims to be a book on production design, it’s a vanity project with lots of various artwork by the artist. It should have simply been called “My Artwork” by Hans Bacher. It would have been just as good, and less misleading.

  • hans bacher

    thank you, amid, for the post and thank you all
    for your kind comments. about the paper quality –
    well, the japanese edition costs twice the amount.
    happy holidays!

  • “Every party has a pooper…” Gee, thanks Franklin. Doesn’t matter, though. Still ordering it.

  • Chuck R.

    Franklin, thanks for the advice on the Japanese version —production values matter. A Hans Bacher vanity project is just fine by me, esp. if there’s no overlap of material from other art-of books. BTW, has anyone read it? Are better images a fair trade-off for no commentary?

    Like Holger above, I miss the Bacher blogs. sigh.

  • I’m sure we’ll be able to see more from the “Animation Treasures” blogs again soon. All in due time.

  • It’s under the tree for me too and I absolutely can’t wait!

  • The book is awesome, the ultimate Must-Have!

  • I’m looking through it at the moment (it just came in today)… :) Something for my art library that I’ll definitely be looking through again and again. And again.

    Just curious if anyone else has any duplicated pages? Page 157 in my copy is a duplicate of Page 145…

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