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Hans Bacher (the art director of Disney’s Mulan) reports on his blog that his new book, Dreamworlds, has just been released in Japan. The book offers a primer on animation production design, and judging from the preview pages Bacher posted some months back, it should be a how-to book well worth owning. Right now, the book is available only in Japanese (Amazon Japan link here), but Hans says an English version is also in the works and should be released later this year.

  • Floyd Norman

    Hans Bacher is an awesome talent. The fact that Disney let him get away only demonstrates Feature Animation’s disconnect with reality during the terrible years under Eisner and Stainton.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of his new book. He’s a brilliant artist and designer who has enhanced every Disney film he touched.

  • Absolutely can’t wait for this; I’ve been a fan since his stunning work on the European TV show Alfred J Kwak. Whenever I need a focused burst of inspiration, his blog is pretty much stop number one.

  • I have been looking forward to this book forever – since he first mentioned it on his blog way back when. Hans is incredibly talented and I am so happy that he has gone and written a book to share his immense knowledge of production design. Please tell me it’s coming to the U.S. soon!

  • Grant Beaudette

    I just read it yesterday. The art is beautiful, though I think it could use a little more instruction.

  • that cover is gorgeous.

    if i keep giving my two cents i may earn enough to buy this beautiful thing… maybe it will teach me how to draw better.

  • Oh my god, WANT!

    His work on Mulan blew me away and I’ve hoped he’d put out a book ever since.