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Vintage Holiday Cartoon Art Roundup

A few nice collections of holiday-themed cartoon artwork to keep you entertained during the cold weather…

Disney artwork

Beautiful drawings by “Walt Disney Staff” illustrating a short story by Pearl S. Buck that appeared in a 1956 issue of Family Circle.

Jingle Bells

Illustrations from Jingle Bells, a Little Golden Book by the great J.P. Miller.

Disney artwork

An incredible collection of Disney Studio holiday cards from the 1930s-’50s.

Life magazine

Delightful and humorous holiday imagery from the early-20th century published in Life magazine.

Littlest Snowman

Holiday comic art including some great Frosty comics, as well as the creepy Littlest Snowman cover above.

  • Pedro Nakama

    It’s really cool that Disney gives all of their employees a Christmas card. I’ve worked for other studios who produce wonderful Holiday cards and never give one to any of the employees.

  • I really like the one from LIFE.

  • Well I got Cartoon Modern for Christmas, so I’m pretty happy!


  • Jacob

    Was Disney trying to go cubist with the Mickey card?