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Holiday Gift Ideas: Not Quite Animation Books

Have enough animation books already? Here are ten books from the past year which, while not necessarily about animation, are well worth adding to any cartoon and illustration book collection.

Miguel Covarrubias Book

Miguel Covarrubias: 4 Visions

Charley Harper

Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life

Saul Steinberg: Illuminations

Saul Steinberg: Illuminations

Betsy and Me

Betsy and Me collects the rare syndicated newspaper strip of Plastic Man creator Jack Cole.

Hank Ketcham book

Where’s Dennis?: The Magazine Cartoon Art of Hank Ketcham

Completely MAD Don Martin

The Completely MAD Don Martin

Original Art of Basil Wolverton

The Original Art of Basil Wolverton

Perry Bible Fellowship

The Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch just might be the best absurdist comic since The Far Side.

Longest Christmas List Ever

The Longest Christmas List Ever, a fine children’s book written by Jibjab founders Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, and illustrated by two up-and-coming talents Brandon Scott and Ian Worrel.

Follow the Line

Follow the Line, an amazing children’s book by Laura Ljungkvist. See interior pages here.

  • Ceaser

    Gee whiz, Follow the Line looks just whiztacularly ginchy. It really does!

    And Don Martin is the Jack Kirby of comedy comics.

    Colonel Sweeto was a little thin, so that disappointed me, but the special features were pretty cool to see.

  • i got the don martin book already, and my 13 and 15 year old brothers keep borrowing it. it’s easy enough to find them, i just follow the weakly stifled laughter to its source. my 19 year old sister even looks through it and laughs her head off from time to time. great cartoons are timeless.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Yes! I have had enough of animation books! Did you ever realize that the people who made the best animation, that today we consider classic work, never had any animation books. What did they look at or read?

  • Ceaser

    ‘What did they look at or read?’

    Comics! Precious glorious all encompassing comics!

  • A book i bought for myself and some friends this year is called Together: Creating Family Traditions is a great idea. This gift will not only be for my friends, but their kids as well. It’s like a double present.
    Hope you enjoy as much as our family has.

  • i got the Don Martin books, and i thought it will fit on my bookshelf. haha is huge and it doesn’t fit. i got it on a different table now and it’s awesome !!

  • Ceaser

    I gotta say, for me topping the list would be Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Books. Printed in order of appearance, play by play from Evanier, notes from Morrison, Simonson, and Glenn David Gold, and printed on something that feels authentic (semi newsprint, not that overdone glossy stuff). Love those collections. Wee bit pricey though (50$ a pop), but nice!

  • Ceaser

    Oh! And Image is reprinting all of Mike Allred’s ‘Madman’ and ‘The Atomics’. Worth celebrating, no?

  • That Charlie Harper book is AMAZINGLY good.