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If you’ve ordered Darrell’s Magoo book…

If you’ve ordered Darrell Van Citters wonderful Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol book and never received your copy – please read the following. Paypal recently experienced a pretty severe glitch in payments and for those who got caught in the snafu, Darrell has a message for you:

Apparently, Paypal dropped a number of orders after the posting on Cartoon Brew. If you have been expecting a copy of the book but none has shown up, you most likely received a Paypal transaction ID of “0”. That indicates that I never received the order and you were never charged for it. The site still takes Paypal as its primary payment service but we have also added Google Checkout as a backup, should you have trouble. I have no way of knowing who did or didn’t order the book so I am offering free domestic shipping for a limited time to anyone who might have had a problem ordering the author signed book or to those who couldn’t make it to Comic Con. To take advantage of this, click on this link.

  • I originally had this problem but worked it out with Darryl. Just finished the book this weekend. It’s great. Everyone should own a copy.

  • It’s really a very beautiful book. Don’t let this glitch stop you from getting it!

  • Tom Minton

    I read it Saturday. Darryl has done a fine job. I only wish that more of the people who made this special were around to enjoy the book.

  • Chris Allard

    I’ve read Darrell’s book and have studied the many pages of great pre-production art for hours and hours onend. If you’re searching for a visual treasure of from this Christmas special or just classic modern animation buy this book!

  • Yikes! Sorry this has happened to folks, but I’m glad I got mine! (Thanks so very much Darrell!) The book is incredible on so very many levels and interests and is beautifully presented. Some of the rare artwork is so rare that it’s a must for all serious animation “art of” book collectors! (And also the musical theatre folks out there with the level of talent from the music, lyrics and voices!) Truly fascinating and highly, highly recommended!

  • David Breneman

    I ordered mine as soon as I saw the posting here, and I received it within two weeks (although I thought I was subscribing to a pre-production sale). The only fault that I have with the book is that there is scant information on previous UPA works referenced heavily, such as “Gay Purr-ee” and the various pre- and post- Saperstein Magoo shorts. It would be nice to have some more background information in the book. That said, I would recommend the book to anyone; I’d just encourage a fuller second edition (which, on the strenghts of the first edition, I’d buy).