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Joe Murray Explains it All…

Artist, illustrator and animator Joe Murray is also one of the most successful cartoon show creators working today. Joe has just produced an e-book entitled Crafting A Cartoon, loaded with tips on how to pitch, sell and produce a series in the current marketplace. Says Joe, the book contains:

“…behind the scenes stories, photos and art from the making of Rocko’s Modern Life and Camp Lazlo. Realistic approaches to creating cutting edge, memorable characters for several mediums as well as a guide for fresh storytelling. Inside tips on how to put together pitch materials, contract tips on selling a show, and how to produce the series once it has been picked up. Plus sanity-saving advice on creating win-win relationships with networks – and alternative methods to getting your series out there without the network.”

You can browse the first 14 pages here. To order the whole book, visit Joe Murray’s website.

  • I love Rocko to death, and I’d love to read this, but $30 for an e-book that’s less than 200 pages? That seems pretty steep, especially for a broke art student. Sorry, Joe, it looks like I can’t afford your advice.

  • EatRune

    I find it interesting that you post this, since Cartoon Brew gave some negative feedback on Camp Lazlo 3 years ago.

  • david

    ebooks save paper, which helps the environment, and issue Murray cares deeply about(see Zanzibar). Not to mention it’s a very indie way to release content.

  • Sam Filstrup

    I admire his effort to help the environment but 30 bucks is pretty steep at least for me art student and all that. Also call me wasteful but I prefer to hold a book and thumb through the pages rather then read it on my computer screen.

  • Tom Pope

    Unfortunately, the first fourteen pages offered as bait contains mostly the cover, dedication, pages of contents and introduction. How about some of the meat? That will give a better idea of how helpful the book will be.

  • jdw

    i’ve been following joe’s website and blog for a couple years now, and i know he’s put his heart and soul into everything he does, especially the book. and if 30 bucks seems steep to u, he is making an independant film right now, and im sure we all know how costly that can get.

  • amid

    EatRune: Cartoon Brew is run by two people. I was the one who wrote the Camp Lazlo review. Jerry might have a different opinion.

  • A lot of animators are providing information like this for free on their blogs. There’s a great list of them in that tan box right next to this comment. I remember when every animation book that came out was an event. Now we get a whole library of books on animation published by some of the top names in the business every week on the net. It really is a great time for people looking for information on animation.

  • I just bought this. I hope you’ll all watch the show I make and sell after I have read it. It’s not a long read so expect to see something on air sometime, hmmm, maybe next week.

  • “I find it interesting that you post this, since Cartoon Brew gave some negative feedback on Camp Lazlo 3 years ago.”
    – Simpsons Comic Guy

  • Jay

    I just spent the $30 on it …no regrets. I would have liked a physical book as opposed to an ebook. Great for him if the plan is help fund an independent film. I hope that works.

  • pat

    $30 for an ebook- for that price there should be the option to get a physical copy. You can charge that through a self printing service and still make profit. If that were mine, I’d charge $30 for the physical book and much less for the ebook.

  • corey

    I’m right in the middle of it. Worth the price so far in my opinion. Very common-sense approach to the entire pitching process. Even more worth it if you are already a fan of Murray’s work!

  • Thanks to all who bought the book, and to Jerry Beck for the mention. I took a few months to just write down a few things I’ve learned in the last 30 years, because I was asked to by a lot of artists.

    There may be a hard copy version in a year or so, more for the education market. Not sure how much of it will be in color ( as this one is). Understand the price may be tough on some students, but hopefully it will be viewed as a good investment and a good text book.

    Thanks again.

  • I WANT IT!!!

  • Good news to those who prefers print. The book has been picked up for a hardcover book.

    I bought the eBook and I highly recommend it. I realize that the animation production system used now isn’t so great, but this book essentially explains how to still make a great cartoon out of it anyway.