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Let’s Do Nothing! by Tony Fucile


Apparently it’s the season for children’s books by animation artists. A couple weeks ago, we wrote about the new kids’ book by Tom Warburton. This week marks the release of a title that really excites me: Let’s Do Nothing! by animator superstar Tony Fucile. Tony has created a funny animated book trailer that is viewable below, and there’s also an interview with him here (click on “download an article”).

Click here to order the book on Amazon.

  • gman

    Hey, I’m doing ‘nothing’ right now!!!

    Great job Tone! Can’t wait to get a copy!!

    Fun to see some of your animation again! That kid reminded me of how I felt in Trafalagar Square in London.

  • Tony Fucile is absolutely one of animation’s finest, and you don’t hear enough about him.
    This is exciting news!… I’m looking forward to the book, looks lovely.
    The drawings are so loose and expressive, I can really see those influences that Tony cites in his interview.

  • Wayne

    More proof that Fucile is one of the top animators in the world.

  • Looks like a reappearance of Hogarth Hughes!

  • Great designs and colors. The idea sounds like fun and I look foward to buying a copy. Good luck Tony!

  • Looks like a fun book and I love the animated trailer for the book .

    Tony’s animation in that short trailer made want to see more of the book animated… I wonder if the book was originally planned with an animated short in mind ?

  • christy

    that was great animation!

  • This looks great! I love the concept, too.

  • Jason

    What a great little gem of a toon! It’s the sort of thing that makes you want to animate something of your own, because it looks like so damn much fun. Good luck on the book, Tony!

  • Billy Batz

    Who knew Kellogg’s Cornflakes would inspire a children’s book cover design?

  • super charming!

  • Joseph R.

    Whoever thought of shooting a series of 2D drawings in succession? Tony Fucile just might be onto something here.

  • Brad Constantine

    Way to go, Tony!! What a great bit of animation and such a clever way to drum up interest in the book. I’m hooked..can’t wait to get mine. Where’s he gonna be signing some of these, anyway?…

  • Brad Bird

    Tone is the man.

  • Is that Brad on the right ? lol.
    best of success with this Tony!

  • gman

    Maaaacccccc – Flllluuuuuurrrrrryyyyyyy time!!!

  • Pedro Nakama

    “Let’s Do Nothing!”?
    Notice how they look like a young Bush and Cheney.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Tony’s animation in that short trailer made want to see more of the book animated… I wonder if the book was originally planned with an animated short in mind ?

    Seeing this myself, it looks like something that could be easily adapted into an animated short film you’d watch in school. Like one of those ones made by Weston Woods or the National Film Board of Canada! Not sure if they do that anymore, but it’s a nice thought to have while reading this!

  • A children’s book about doing nothing! Great idea.LOL.
    The incredible Mr Fucile strikes again.
    Congratulations on this terriffic accomplishment.You rock!!

  • my nipples are hard just looking at this book!

  • Thanks Tony, its really fascinating to see some 2d animation from you again. Your work has always been a great inspiration and motivation to dig for fire. Keep it going (and do more interviews, goddammit).

  • Mike Cachuela

    The redwood trees would have benefited from some CG texture, other than that this book is a HOME-RUN! Knock-em out of the park, BABE!