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Magic Moving Images

I was going to post about Collin Ord’s forthcoming book Magic Moving Images: Animated Optical Illusions, but he’s posted a (silent) video on YouTube that says it all:

  • Bugsmer

    That looks really cool.

  • JG

    Wow. It’s so simple… Ingenious!

  • Alf

    Moire is as old as the hills but never ceases to entertain.

  • it’s like a 2D Zoetrope. Pretty darn cool!

  • Stephanie

    Ooh! I think I’ve seen this horse before! Would this be compatible with the electronic frame (which moves the acetate overlay mechanically) that I’ve seen at the Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney in Orlando? I’ve always resisted buying the darn thing because the device features only a single image. If I could change the image out of the smaller device, I might spring for both the book and the electronic frame.

  • I love it! I can’t wait for really bendable displays, built into magazines. Imagine reading a review of an animated movie (or whatever you want) and when you touch the photo in the article, a movie starts playing showing maybe a clip from the movie, behind-the-scenes or reviews.

  • Hey, you could put your demo reel on the back of your business card!If your demo reel were 2 seconds long and if anyone still used business cards.

    But clever idea. Could be the next “magic Eye”.

  • That looks great. I’m glad to see someone else making retro animation items. I use Youtube to show my animated flip books, Dragonfly Flipz. He should add music to the movie, it adds more impact. It’s easy to do with Garage Band, on the Mac, or there are plenty of free-music sources available.

    Here’s wishing him good luck with the book, and I hope he makes more of them.

  • flippy flam alla ka zam

  • Yamada Takase

    This book has just gone to 5th bestseller in Japan. I wonder if it can knock Harry Potter off the top spot! (

  • Henry Ticker

    This is one cool book.

  • I got this Magic Moving Images free in a promo pack of biscuits… cute >.<