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“Mulan” Director Tony Bancroft Will Teach You How to Direct Animation

Animation veteran Tony Bancroft (co-director of Mulan) has an interesting sound book in the works. It’s called Directing for Animation: Everything You Didn’t Learn in Art School.

The 246-page book will explore the directing process from start to finish, mixing personal stories and experiences with insights from top mainstream directors including Dean DeBlois, Pete Docter, Eric Goldberg, Tim Miller, John Musker, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Nick Park and Chris Wedge. The book, which will be published in June by Focal Press, will retail for $34.95, though it’s currently available as a pre-order on Amazon for $22.32.

  • christy

    looks like a cool book but that cover is terrible. i would actually like to read this book but if i was at the bookstore or online, but i would prob skim right by it with a cover like that. how about something a little more classy or more interesting? a book like this that contains interviews with respected, accomplished directors deserves a better cover and i’m sure all of them could have come up with a better cover than that.

  • Tim Hodge

    Congrats Tony! I want my copy autographed!

  • Floyd Norman

    I’m truly looking forward to this book because I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tony and so many of these great directors. Even better, it’s published by the same publisher as my new book. Cool!

  • Andrez

    This book looks awesome. It must of been a lot of hard work to put together all of these interviews AND to write a book for us all to learn from. I can’t wait to read this. ALSO I think the cover looks awesome.

  • Ruth

    LOVE the Cover, too!

  • BookCoverIsAwesome

    I too like the cover. I already preordered, looking forward to it.

  • James Madison

    I like it! Focal Press has published quite a few books in my collection. I’ll have to add this as well.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Wannabeanimator

    Can’t wait to read this!

  • Toonio

    Dear Focal Press: please enable the extra content of action analysis for animators. Thank you!

  • Nik

    The book looks interesting, but the cover is amateur-looking. The cover makes one think this is a book on cartoon clip art or vintage photography rather than a book about animation.

  • AmidAmidi

    Ya know, I gotta go with Christy on this. I’m looking forward to the book and I understand what the art director was trying to do, but this is a bad cover, plain and simple. It looks cheesy, and does nothing to sell the book as a resourceful guide to animation directing. On the other hand, it’s still better than this:

  • John A

    You know what’s making me want to buy the book? All the impressive NAMES on the cover. He could have drawn Mickey Mouse giving me the finger, I’d still buy it.