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My Name Is Dug

The Pixar “Art of” books are always a treat, and next to that the Little Golden Books and various tie-in publications always feature incredible art, frequently by Pixar artists and designers themselves.

Pixar’s Ronnie Del Carmen discusses and previews his UP book, My Name Is Dug on his blog. It looks gorgeous – and has me doubly excited about the feature film that inspired it. The book comes out on April 14th.

  • Congrats to Ronnie and Kiki on a beautiful book! I can’t wait to pick this up on the 14th!

  • Steve Gattuso


  • I’ve been enjoying Ronnie’s book, and watching the movie as well. Ya done good, Ronnie.

    Squirrel !

  • I’m absolutely thrilled that Pixar and Disney Publishing are making this concerted effort to produce high-quality children’s books again.

    Always good to see the names of the actual artists on the title page, not that anonymous ‘illustrated by the Walt Disney Artists’ crap.

    I’ll be waiting to grab this one :)

  • Jason

    A bit off topic here – but Floyd, I saw you on the new Pinocchio DVD. It’s great to be able to see and hear you as well as read you. The DVD is magnificent, BTW. Beautifully restored, and the extras are terrific. Kinda makes me sad, though; the type of artistry evident in Pinocchio will likely never be seen in an animated cartoon again. Sigh…

  • Andrew

    Wow, Ronnie Del Carmen is really getting attention! Who thinks we’ll see a Ronnie Pixar short in the near future? :)

  • TOM

    Who else heard Primus when they read that headline? I can’t be the only one!

  • MattSullivan

    I bet it’s a beautiful book but they release these things weeks before the movie comes out. No more spoiler culture!

  • Here is my own personal beef with these books: THEY LOOK NOTHING LIKE THE FINISHED MOVIE! I have no problem if they want to target these books at art enthusiasts, but with every Pixar movie, their children’s books never show images from the movies, just flat 2D representations. We’ve bought a ‘Nemo’ and ‘Incredibles’ book for our kids because they loved the movies so much, but when they don’t get the same visuals that they fell in love with, they don’t care about the books. I guess I am just really surprised at how they do this with every movie. As much as I respect and like the idea of making ‘throw back’ books that look like what we had as kids, I want to see the images that I fell in love with from the movie.