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My Pink Panther book for 1¢


You read that right!

Apparently you can purchase a hardcover copy of my book Pink Panther: The Ultimate Guide on for one copper penny (plus $3.99 shipping). Now you have no excuse not to own the only book with double page spreads on Hoot Kloot, Crazylegs Crane and The Blue Racer!

  • Thanks, Jerry! I went ahead and splurged and got the “like new” copy for .33 cents instead.

  • Hans Richter

    Hey! I just borrowed this book from my local public library. It’s terrific. I’m not THAT big a fan of the movies, but love the panther himself. There’s some terrific stuff in there for animation fans, and SHAG-aholics like myself!

    I gotta buy this one…

  • i don’t get it, actually! How do datt doo datt?? (…and how you YOU make any dough!??)

    If he (the PP) could talk…he’d go “Wow!”

  • As Jerry knows, I’m a stickler for a perfect copy of a book, so I went cost-crazy and bought a sealed copy from an amazon dealer for 9.50 plus shipping. I’ve generally had very good luck with buying second hand books from amazon dealers. The prices are reasonable — often better than ebay — and the dealers stand behind their stuff.

    This is a great book to have, if only because the DVD set only lists titles, not stories, so it’s hard to find favorite cartoons because every title is just a play on words with “pink,” much like Bugs Bunny cartoon titles use “hare” wordplay.

    Thanks for getting me off the couch and buying this book. I don’t know why I delayed. What was I thinking? Thank goodness I have come to my senses. I feel so free, so refreshed!

  • I’m sure I paid at least twice that. That’ll learn me.

    Actually I’ve really enjoyed this book, and I love the new Hanna Barbera Treasury too. I anxiously look forward to what’s on the horizon. I’m crossing my fingers for Jay Ward.

  • I want to know why there is one former library copy with marks in it for 124.99- are the marks REALLY a sketch by Friz? I just don’t get it… You can buy 15 sealed new ones for the same price!

  • I’d picked up both this “Pink Panther” book and the other one Jerry did on “Looney Tunes” last summer discounted at $6.99 each at my local Chapters bookstore. I like the “Pink Panther” one particularly, since one also gets the DVD with a selection of cartoons, including that great one from “The Inspector” series. By the way, Jerry, thanks for all that info on the way that series was adapted from the feature films’ Inspector Clouseau. I always thought it was odd how they named his sidekick “Deux-Deux” when he was so obviously based on Clouseau’s partner, Hercule. I wish they’d release a complete DVD set of “The Inspector” cartoons – they were great!

  • Pete, a DVD containing the first 17 Inspector cartoons is being released on March 4, 2008.

  • Pete and Jon, the first Inspector cartoon features the 3 headed Brothers Matzoreilly, from the Super Six as the villain(s). I truly think the Inspector cartoons are artistically brilliant and the look is tres French, and Pat Harrington, TV’s Schneider as Clouseau and Deux Deux, what more could one want?

  • Jon – Good news indeed on them finally putting out “The Inspector” cartoons on DVD. Thanks for the heads up!

    Bill – Yeah, I always liked them even more than “The Pink Panther” cartoons on the old TV compilation series, and it was years later before I found out that it was “Schneider” from “One Day at a Time” who had provided the pseudo-Sellers voice. Actually, one of my reasons for liking that cartoon so much was how they had so cleverly distilled the likeness of Peter Sellers’ Clouseau into such a simple and appealing a caricature. I love those stylized, minimalist backgrounds from both series of cartoons, too.

  • I managed to pick this up at Chapters here in Alberta for $10, though it is easily worth more from what I’ve been able to glance at. Easily a well-laid out book full of colorful images, fun facts, and a bonus DVD? How can you go wrong with that? Well done Jerry!