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New Animation Bookstore in Toronto

Labyrinth bookstore

Toronto-area folks now have their own local alternative to Bud Plant and Stuart Ng’s. The Labyrinth is a brand new bookstore specializing in animation, illustration, artist sketchbooks, graphic novels and manga. The store, open seven days a week, is located at 386 Bloor Street West (2 blocks west of Spadina Subway station). The shop also has a small gallery space which owner Dan Merisanu tells me will be used for monthly artist shows starting in June. A website with basic details is over here and there’s also a blog which lists new books in stock.

Labyrinth bookstore

  • When do you open The Labyrinth Göteborg, Sweden…?

  • Larry T

    Didn’t they used to be on Queen street W, just across from the Silver Snail?

    I’ll definitely have to go check this place out.

  • Dan Merisanu has had a book show for several years that he takes on the road to various locations. At our college, the sale is very popular and Dan always has tons of great books representing every facet of illustration and animation. Yep, I usually spend a fortune on stuff there myself! I’d like to offer my sincere best wishes to Dan with this new permanent location and to encourage all Brew readers in the Toronto area to go check it out – you’ll be amazed at what he has!

  • mwb

    That’s amazing. Yet another reason for a trip to Toronto sometime. At least online shopping is coming in July – for us long suffering folks in the Boston area boonies of animation.

    We used to have a theater devoted to animation. I was even a member. *ruminates bitterly*

  • s.jacob

    Looks great! Congratulations to Dan and Jess!! I’m looking forward to visiting the new location.

  • Kamonthep

    do you buy used animation books?

  • M Lyon

    Finally an animation bookstore I can take my kids to. Congrats Dan and Jessica.

  • For over 6 years now I’ve been building a solid collection of books from Dan and Jess’ Animation Roadshow, be it at a convention or at school. They always have something new to tempt you with, and it’s always worth it. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area you really truly owe it to yourself to pay them a visit at what I hope will become a permanent station for the Animation Roadshow!

    Maybe with an animation oriented shop so close by, the Bloor Cinema will host more cartoon festivals like they did when I was a kid!

    Best of luck to Dan and Jess!

  • I wandered in with my girlfriend when they had their opening a couple of weeks ago. (We were in the neighbourhood, and didn’t know about it.)

    They have an impressive selection. I plan on going back with all the money I don’t have and sadly looking around some more.

  • Congratulations to Dan! All his hard work has paid off. Now there’s a big reason to visit Toronto right?

  • Esn

    Looks awesome. I’ll be sure to check it out.

  • My god, that looks so cool. I would kill for a place like that here in Jersey. I can’t even find a small comic shop anywhere!

  • jason groh

    Dan is a terrific guy and his taste in books is first rate! I look forward to visiting a Bookstore run by an animator who loves the Art and Indusrty as much as I do!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    The kind of place I’d like to run in my hometown (noticed wallscrolls in that first pic, probably the typical Taiwanese-made bootlegs).

  • Hey Larry,
    I think you’re thinking of Bakka Books that was across from The Silver Snail and then moved to Yonge St but is now further West on Queen at 697 Queen W. ( OR you’re thinking of Pages which is still across from the Snail. I can’t wait to go to any of these stores when I’m back home in August.

  • Visited the store, this afternoon.. It’s nice and close to ‘The Beguiling’.. So I can still make my usual “Comic-Book Run”, every Wednesday. AND keep on top of the harder-to-find Animator Sketchbooks, etc. that ‘The Labyrinth’ carries, too!

    Didn’t see Dan, there.. But talked briefly to his wife: Jessica. And was charmed by their junior-junior salesman.. who insisted on swiping my Interac personally, as I made my purchase! haha

    Congrats on your fine store!!

  • Congrats Dan! Great store! There’s always tons of things to check out.