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Nico Marlet’s Sketchbook

Nico Marlet Sketchbook

Ace character designer Nico Marlet (Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon) has published a collection of his sketches. As of now, the only place I’m aware of that stocks the book is the Gallery Nucleus website. I got to meet Marlet briefly last month, but sadly, I was a couple days too early to get a finished copy of the book. He made up for it by allowing me to flip through some of his designs, which I have to say are something else entirely in their original unreproduced form. Unlike many artist sketchbooks, Marlet didn’t curate a selection of his best work; rather, he took one of his sketchbooks and reprinted it whole from cover to cover. If the preview images on the Gallery Nucleus site don’t make it evident, there’s likely not a weak drawing in the entire book.

UPDATE: The item appears to be back in stock on the Gallery Nucleus website.

  • George

    Ordered a copy early this morning, checked Nucleus website on a fluke, and was very please to have seen this in the “New” section. I adore Nicolas’ work, ever since drooling over his pieces in The Art of Monsters Inc.

    Hopefully Nucleus has already addressed this issue, but if you order the book, and shipping gets doubled, don’t fret, just give Nucleus a call, and they will correct the error and reimburse you.

  • Must. Have. This.

  • Nico is truly one extremely talented and creative designer.

    Somewhere in my files I’ve got a caricature he did of me
    during our Disney Feature Animation France days in Paris.

    I remember he used to be quite a good 2D character animator as well.


  • Azz


    Nico is my favourite designers. I’ve bought the Dreamworks art of books just for his stuff. I want this!

  • Nooooo, hope they get more copies! I just saw this and wanted to head over to get mine…

    And I was ashamed to not know Nico’s work until I got Art of How to Train Your Dragon and was instantly hooked on his stuff.

  • Vincent

    Those are mighty pretty.

  • Brian

    oooo, pretty. Great post, Amid. Thanks for alerting us to stuff like this.

  • Loved his designs from Kung Fu Panda and actually went to see Dragon in part to see more. Happy to say the movie was as good as the designs.

  • DianeM

    Took a chance & stopped by today & bought one of three copies on display. Got home to find their e-mail announcing that it had been restocked on the site too.

  • Tom

    I am so pumped for this book, just ordered one from Stuart Ng Books a few days ago!!

    Nico is awesome, so glad he decided to put together a book.

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that Nico will be doing an online workshop in the coming weeks. Make sure to check it out.